A new white paper, titled Incentivising Large-Scale CCS in Canada, has been published to kickstart support for carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCS) in Canada.

Launched last week by RSM Canada and the International CCS Knowledge Centre, the paper explores a comprehensive economic and impact analyses of large-scale CCS projects in Canada, as well as a framework to increase the deployment of CCS.

Alex Kotsopoulos, partner, projects and economics, with RSM Canada, said, “The impact of CCS is substantial with the potential to boost economic growth in Canada and also achieves climate objectives.”

“While governments around the world already employ a range of policies and incentives in support of CCS projects, this white paper suggests that Canada must level the playing field for investment in CCS technologies on a global scale.”

“Policy tools and incentives, including tax credits and direct government grants, could help direct investment towards CCS technology. Large-scale CCS development in Canada can provide a sustainable path to economic recovery and significantly reduce emissions.”