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Home oxygen On the move – October 2014

Home oxygen – On the move Subscription

1 Oct 2014 | By Helen Carmichael

Oxygen is one of the most frequently used treatments in healthcare, and a focus on homecare has resulted in considerable innovation in the market in recent years. Reliable, inexpensive and portable home oxygen concentrators are driving the change. Helen Carmichael reports.

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Hans Kok – October 2014

10 minutes with...Hans Kok Subscription

1 Oct 2014

Take 10 minutes out with Hans Kok, Den Hartogh Gas Logistics, who tells us about the company’s expanding range of products and footprint, and why it’s a challenge to get an integrated supply chain approach on the agenda of Tier 1 companies.

Panoramic view of the industrial world- September 2014

A panoramic view of the industrial world – Fives Subscription

3 Sep 2014

Frédéric Thrum, Managing Director of the Cryogenics | Energy business at Fives discusses the company’s role in the global gases business and its future ambitions in an interview with gasworld magazine.

August 2014 Carbon Dioxide

Developments in CO2 production technology Subscription

30 Jul 2014

Developments in CO2 production technology are under close scrutinty, in an interview with Union Engineering’s Michael Mortensen and Jan Poulsen.

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PSA medical oxygen generators – October 2014

An introduction to...PSA medical oxygen generators Subscription

Oxygen in the medical field has traditionally been produced centrally and then distributed in liquid form, or as a gas via cylinders, to the customer. An alternative and increasingly popular means of oxygen generation exists in the medical market, however, in the form of pressure swing adsorption (PSA).

Steam methane reformers – September 2014

An introduction to...Steam methane reformers Subscription

Hydrogen is widely used in the petroleum refining industry to remove impurities found in crude oil such as sulfur, olefins and aromatics to meet product fuels specifications. Removing these impurities allows fuels to burn cleaner and refineries to turn a lower quality crude oil into a profitable product that meets increasing environmental specifications.

August Dry Ice Cleaning

An introduction to...Dry ice cleaning Subscription

Dry ice (CO2) cleaning is an efficient and cost-effective way for industries to maximise production capability and quality. Dry ice cleaning uses recycled CO2 in the form of solid dry ice particles that are transported by high-velocity airflow to remove contaminates from surfaces.

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Business analysis stock market

Regional markets: Focus on Russia Subscription

1 Oct 2014 | By Rob Cockerill

A number of companies have been vocal about their interest in the Russian gases market in recent months, and the opportunities ahead. With the latest gasworld Business Intelligence report on the Russian gases business in mind, it is easy to see why.

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Natural gas – Essential, everyday but unpredictable Subscription

Used in heating, cooking and electricity production, many facets of modern life could not exist without the fossil fuel natural gas.

Cylinders Calibration gases

Calibration gases – The precision genre Subscription

This month’s gas report looks to Gasco Affiliates, LLC, a specialist calibration gas company, for an informed insight into the precise science that is, calibration gases.


Dry ice – A significance that’s far from subliminal Subscription

Dry ice comes in many forms, from pellets to slices, and serves a range of applications, from standard refrigeration to revolutionary blast cleaning – as gasworld reveals.

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Fig. 4  A Titan container, Roy Irani

Efficient transport modes for the fracking industry Subscription

Fracking and natural gas have been such common words in recent forums and the gas receptacle world has not been left out. If anything, both the gas cylinder and automotive industries have been preparing for this ‘green’ fuel alternative for several decades and have considered not only the output post the fracking process – compressed natural gas (CNG) – but also hydrogen as potential future fuels.

Keith Stewart

Cryogenic valves for an evolving LNG industry Subscription

As one of the first cryogenic service providers to enter the LNG industry, it’s well over a decade since Herose started supplying valves for LNG applications.

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NOXERIOR - Unique modular medical oxygen concentrators - October 2014

NOXERIOR - Unique modular medical oxygen concentrators Subscription

1 Oct 2014

NOXERIOR, formerly known as IGS Italia, focuses on all aspects of the non-cryogenic onsite generation of nitrogen and oxygen by means of either PSA or hollow-fibre membrane technology. Innovative design and superior quality, combined with creative individual solutions to maximise the economical benefits for the end-user, make gas generators from NOXERIOR the preferred solution for many companies.

Olivo energy and costs in logistics - September 2014

Olivo – Saving energy and costs in logistics Subscription

3 Sep 2014

There is an alternative to the obvious use of refrigerated vehicles for temperature sensitive goods – portable, insulated and/or refrigerated containers. With Olivo containers, there is an added benefit that the refrigeration systems used are totally silent – ideal for ‘out-of-hours’ deliveries.

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