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The helium market - January 2015

The helium market in 2015 Subscription

7 Jan 2015 | By Rob Cockerill

From shortages to over-supply, 2014 was a year of sharp turnaround for the global helium business. gasworld looks at the market in 2015 and beyond.

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10 minutes with...Leonardo Florez – December 2014

10 minutes with...Leonardo Florez Subscription

3 Dec 2014

Take 10 minutes out with Leonardo Florez, Head of Cylinder Supply – ICC, Linde Gases, who talks about our cover theme this month of asset management, the near 2,000 cylinders that Linde ‘found’ earlier this year, and what the future might hold for asset management.

Rob Barnacle, DataOnline – World – December 2014

Integrity, quality and value in asset management – An interview with DataOnline Subscription

3 Dec 2014

This year celebrating 25 years of business, DataOnline is now active in more than 65 countries and developing strong alliances with key players in the industrial gas business – an industry the company dominates in terms of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions.

Mark Dickens – November 2014

10 minutes with...Mark Dickens Subscription

29 Oct 2014

Take 10 minutes out with Mark Dickens, Testing Technologies Specialist, Chesterfield Special Cylinders, as we discuss cylinder testing, periodic inspection, and the launch of the company’s new Integrity Management service.

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HeliumDewars - January 2015

An introduction to...Helium dewars Subscription

From cutting and welding to electronics, aerospace and deep-sea diving to party balloons, helium has a wealth of applications in both gaseous and liquid form. Here we explore a crucial element in the storage of this product – helium dewars.

MVS Engineering – November 2014

An introduction to... In-situ nitrogen generation Subscription

As an inert gas, nitrogen offers a wide range of capabilities to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Used predominantly during plant maintenance shutdown and start-up preparations, nitrogen purging and subsequent nitrogen leak testing form a critical path to the success of any project.

PSA medical oxygen generators – October 2014

An introduction to...PSA medical oxygen generators Subscription

Oxygen in the medical field has traditionally been produced centrally and then distributed in liquid form, or as a gas via cylinders, to the customer. An alternative and increasingly popular means of oxygen generation exists in the medical market, however, in the form of pressure swing adsorption (PSA).

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Regional markets - January 2015

Regional markets: Focus on North America Subscription

7 Jan 2015 | By Rob Cockerill

A period of transition - so often a phrase used in sporting narrative or to describe the passage of time a team or club finds itself in. This is also an apt description of the North American industrial gases business in recent years.

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Natural gas – Essential, everyday but unpredictable Subscription

Used in heating, cooking and electricity production, many facets of modern life could not exist without the fossil fuel natural gas.

Cylinders Calibration gases

Calibration gases – The precision genre Subscription

This month’s gas report looks to Gasco Affiliates, LLC, a specialist calibration gas company, for an informed insight into the precise science that is, calibration gases.


Dry ice – A significance that’s far from subliminal Subscription

Dry ice comes in many forms, from pellets to slices, and serves a range of applications, from standard refrigeration to revolutionary blast cleaning – as gasworld reveals.

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Fig. 4  A Titan container, Roy Irani

Efficient transport modes for the fracking industry Subscription

Fracking and natural gas have been such common words in recent forums and the gas receptacle world has not been left out. If anything, both the gas cylinder and automotive industries have been preparing for this ‘green’ fuel alternative for several decades and have considered not only the output post the fracking process – compressed natural gas (CNG) – but also hydrogen as potential future fuels.

Keith Stewart

Cryogenic valves for an evolving LNG industry Subscription

As one of the first cryogenic service providers to enter the LNG industry, it’s well over a decade since Herose started supplying valves for LNG applications.

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Cryotherm - January 2015

Cryotherm – Expertise in liquid helium handling Subscription

7 Jan 2015

Cryotherm GmbH & Co. KG, based in Kirchen, Germany, specialises in the manufacture of vacuum super-insulated storage and transport vessels, as well as pipelines for cryogenic liquefied gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon, hydrogen and helium.

RBDH – The best fitting solution – December 2014

RBDH – The best fitting solution Subscription

3 Dec 2014

In addition to being specialised in machining and assembly, RBDH Chaponnay, based in France, has been providing bimettalic transition joints since 1978.

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