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LNG takes off Subscription

29 Apr 2015 | By Helen Carmichael, published in gasworld magazine

While natural gas goes from strength to strength, LNG offers additional growth potential. Helen Carmichael reports.

Torben andreasen image - 10 Mins 2 July 2015

10 minutes with...Torben Andreasen Subscription

1 Jul 2015

Take 10 minutes out with Torben Andreasen, Managing Director of Aquila Triventek A/S, who discusses the company’s products and services, the best thing about working at Aquila Triventek, and why new software is at the heart of its near-term plans.

Ashley buck image - 10 Mins July 2015

10 minutes with...Ashley Buck Subscription

1 Jul 2015

Take 10 minutes out with Ashley Buck, Coriolis Product Manager at Bronkhorst (UK), who discusses the company’s role in the gases industry, its portfolio of flow meter products, and what’s next for the Coriolis technology platform.

10 minutes with -– Dr florian von linde – June 2015

10 minutes with...Dr. Florian von Linde Subscription

3 Jun 2015

Take 10 minutes out with Dr. Florian von Linde, Managing Director of Caloric GmbH, who discusses the company’s role in the gases industry, its supply of hydrogen to a number of industries, and why it has found hydrogen as an energy application to be a disappointment to date.

Co2 from biogas systems - July 2015

An introduction to...CO2 from biogas systems Subscription

More than 500 Dutch horticulturists depend on the continuous supply of clean carbon dioxide (CO2) through the OCAP (Organic Carbon Dioxide for Assimilation of Plants) pipeline for crop production. The main industrial suppliers, Shell Pernis and Abengoa, cannot always meet the CO2 demand, which creates a great need to increase the CO2 capacity.

Onboard hydrogen storage valve – June 2015

An introduction to...Onboard hydrogen storage valves Subscription

Hydrogen is becoming one of the energy-carriers for the future. Due to big challenges facing society, like climate change, global warming, greenhouse gas reduction, and increasing city pollution, hydrogen could play a key role in the transition to renewable energy.

businessman pressing distribution equipment profile

An introduction to...RFID supply chain technology Subscription

With supply chain management increasingly significant to the industrial gases business, and project costs under such scrutiny in the oil and gas sector, the appetite for tracking technologies and asset management solutions only grows.

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Regional markets: Global update Subscription

1 Jul 2015 | By Rob Cockerill, published in gasworld magazine

Economic headwinds continue to test the robust nature of the global industrial gases business, whether through unfavourable ccurrency impacts, the decline in oil and natural gas prices, or lower economic activity – there has been pressure on the industry over the last 12 months.


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Natural gas – Essential, everyday but unpredictable Subscription

Used in heating, cooking and electricity production, many facets of modern life could not exist without the fossil fuel natural gas.

Cylinders Calibration gases

Calibration gases – The precision genre Subscription

This month’s gas report looks to Gasco Affiliates, LLC, a specialist calibration gas company, for an informed insight into the precise science that is, calibration gases.


Dry ice – A significance that’s far from subliminal Subscription

Dry ice comes in many forms, from pellets to slices, and serves a range of applications, from standard refrigeration to revolutionary blast cleaning – as gasworld reveals.

Adamo screnci – McPHY ENERGY – June 2015

Hydrogen – The green key to renewables Subscription

The good news is that more and more energy from renewable sources is being produced every day. The bad news is that far too much of it is wasted. In the ‘use it or lose it’ energy game, intermittent renewable energy (IRR) is suffering. Enter hydrogen – when produced ‘greenly’ it can turn the game around.

Editor Rob C.jpg

Just crystal ball gazing? Subscription

French mathematician, physicist, and philosopher of science Jules Henri Poincaré once stated, “It is far better to foresee even without certainty, than not to foresee at all.” That resonates with me today in Budapest, for very different reasons.

Pku pioneer image - July 2015

PKU Pioneer – Pioneering PSA Technology Subscription

1 Jul 2015

Pressure swing adsorption technology (PSA/VPSA) is mainly used for the separation of gas mixtures to extract high-purity gas that the industry requires, as well as for the purification or recycling of a variety of emissions and exhaust gas, leading to a wide range of applications.

Weka ag – June 2015

WEKA AG – Keeping liquids and gases under control for 75 years Subscription

3 Jun 2015

Whether at -270°C or at over 400 bar – level indicators and valves from WEKA AG precisely and reliably measure and regulate liquids and gases. The global leader from Baeretswil in the Canton Zurich, Switzerland celebrate its 75th anniversary this year.


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