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Gas diving cylinders

Lost and found – Where are all of the cylinders going? Subscription

3 Feb 2016 | By Rob Cockerill, published in gasworld magazine

When Linde Canada Limited announced in August 2014 that it had identified nearly 2,000 cylinders that were previously considered lost or stolen, it drew attention to an often unspoken concern in the gases industry.

Ali Aman, Industrial Gas, Brothers Gas 2016

10 minutes with...Ali Aman Subscription

6 Jan 2016

Take 10 minutes out with Ali Aman, Assistant General Manager – Industrial Gas at Brothers Gas, who discusses the company’s products and services, the company’s recent rebrand, and what’s next on the horizon for the company.

mike bee

Buzwair Gases: Going from strength to strength

7 Dec 2015

On the eve of gasworld’s MENA Industrial Gas Conference 2015, the event’s platinum sponsor Buzwair Gases continues to go from strength to strength in the Middle East gases business, and beyond.

Ravin Mirchandani, Mack Valves 2015

Mack 2.0 – An interview with Mack Valves Subscription

2 Dec 2015

Differentiation in a notoriously competitive market and the challenges of company ownership are on the agenda as Chairman Ravin Mirchandani explains to gasworld why it’s a case of Mack Valves reloaded for the Australian equipment manufacturer.

Ball diverter valves

An introduction to...Ball diverter valves Subscription

The reliable function of a safety valve is not only influenced by ensuring the required performance. It is equally important to take into consideration the pressure losses in the safety valve supply line and outlet line. The generally recognised rule (ISO 4126-1) states that the pressure loss in the supply line to the safety valve should not be greater than 3%. These functionally relevant requirements play a particularly important role in storage vessels for refrigerated liquefied gases.

Helium conditioning equipment, DEMACO valve box

An introduction to...Helium conditioning equipment Subscription

Helium is well known as a lifting gas in party balloons, but it has many more serious applications, such as in superconducting magnets, laser applications, leak detection, scientific equipment, gas-cooled reactors (GCR), and many more. The LHe equipment behind these research projects comes with its own challenges

Steam methane reformers – September 2014

An introduction to...Steam vaporizers Subscription

Steam sparged water bath vaporizers are an extremely effective way to provide vaporization for a diverse range of applications, and offer a high level of reliability where steam is available as a heat source. The vaporizers are designed in various sizes and in both vertical and horizontal configurations, to meet a wide range of flow rates.


Regional markets – Focus on South America Subscription

3 Feb 2016 | By Rob Cockerill, published in gasworld magazine

The troubled economies of South America are facing another year of trade and fiscal uncertainty, if various informed projections are realised over the next 12 months. Latin American and Caribbean economies contracted 0.4% on average in 2015, according to figures from the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC).


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Natural gas – Essential, everyday but unpredictable Subscription

Used in heating, cooking and electricity production, many facets of modern life could not exist without the fossil fuel natural gas.

Cylinders Calibration gases

Calibration gases – The precision genre Subscription

This month’s gas report looks to Gasco Affiliates, LLC, a specialist calibration gas company, for an informed insight into the precise science that is, calibration gases.


Dry ice – A significance that’s far from subliminal Subscription

Dry ice comes in many forms, from pellets to slices, and serves a range of applications, from standard refrigeration to revolutionary blast cleaning – as gasworld reveals.

Electronics circuit board inspection

A serenity in semiconductors

Why increasing stability and a trend for interdependence in the global semiconductor business could be good news for the industrial and specialty gases industry.

Dubai skyline, United Arab Emirates

The grand arrival of a new frontier

The Middle East is no longer emerging as the New Industrial Gas Frontier. It’s already here, it’s underway - the New Industrial Gas Frontier has arrived. And a record crowd for this gasworld conference here in Dubai again affirms that.

Manufacturing smoke stack

Advanced Cryogenics – All about carbon dioxide Subscription

3 Feb 2016

Advanced Cryogenics, Ltd., found under both the domains and, has now celebrated 26 years as a major carbon dioxide (CO2) and cryogenic gas consulting practice.

Tri-Gas Latin America tank 2016

Tri-Gas Latin America Subscription

6 Jan 2016

TriGas Latin America has been in busness since 1990, providing exceptional customer service, specialising in direct source supply of liquid and gaseous helium, argon, hydrocarbons and refrigerants in bulk and cylinders, with certified purities.

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