Aker Solutions has signed an agreement for delivery of carbon capture and liquefaction at Twence’s waste-to-energy plant in Hengelo, the Netherlands.

The solution that will capture Twence’s COemissions is called Just Catch, a modular carbon capture system developed by Aker Solutions.

To contribute to the Netherlands’ progress towards the goals set in the Paris climate agreement in 2015, Twence ran a public procurement process to find a carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) provider.

“To eliminate our impact on the environment, we needed an easy, inexpensive and time-efficient solution to capture the carbon we produce,” said Dr. Marc Kapteijn, Marketing Director of Twence.

“We also needed to be able to trust the technology and process to be as environmentally friendly, robust and effective as possible. Just Catch satisfies all of our requirements,” Kapteijn continued.

Aker Solutions

Source: Aker Solutions

“Twence’s confidence in us proves that we are producing an attractive solution for the market,” said Luis Arauji, CEO of Aker Solutions.

“We have focuses on cutting costs and simplifying CCUS technology. Our goal is to make carbon capture accessible and affordable. CCUS is one of the three main pillars in Aker Solutions’ decarbonisation strategy. The other two are decarbonisation of oil and gas facilities and offshore floating wind,” Arauji continued. 

The Just Catch and liquefaction plant at Twence’s facilities has a capacity of 100,000 tonnes of COper annum (TPA) and is planned to be in operation by 2021.

Just Catch is standardised and can be delivered in several different sizes, ranging currently from 10,000 to 100,000 TPA allowing the solutions to meet the needs of different-sized operations.

Once the system is fabrication, Aker Solutions can deliver the four process container modules by trucks, in a single shipment.

“Our engineers have made a ground-breaking job in the development of Just Catch. It has reduced he capture plant footprint by about 90% and thereby reduced the cost of materials and fabrication significantly,” said Oscar Graff, Vice-President and head of CCUS at Aker Solutions.

“With our proprietary technology and solvent which absorbs the COfrom the flue gas, we have the most efficient, robust and environmentally friends CCUS technology on the market,” Graff concluded.

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