Estonian energy company Alexela has opened the first public LNG filling station in the three Baltic States.

Located in Jüri, the outskirts of Estonia’s capital Tallinn, Alexela Group Management Board member Marti Hääl said the station is the first energy department store in the world where in addition to petrol, diesel and electricity, you can buy LPG, CNG and LNG for gas-powered cars.

Speaking at the opening of the Jüri filling station, Henrik Hololei, Director-General for Mobility and Transport at the European Commission, said that there was no one future solution for all sectors and to move on, different fuels and sector-based solutions were needed: “For example, in the near term, there is not a single real alternative to LNG for heavy goods vehicles and in maritime transport.”

“Clearly, the private sector is leading this process, because infrastructure is also needed for a real change to happen. Of equal importance, though, is a favourable regulative environment, conducive to such future solutions.”