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  • MRI Scan Helium medical

    CETCI launches new O2 sensor for MRI applications


    Critical Environment Technologies Canada, Inc. (CETCI), a global supplier of gas detection systems, has launched its DCC-MRI Oxygen Monitoring System for use in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) room applications in clinics and hospitals.

  • gas monitoring equipment should be present in any lab or enclosed area where cryogenic liquids are stored or used

    Continuous O2 sensors work “backwards” for lab safety


    Sensor Electronics, a gas detection equipment specialist based in Minnesota, has installed uninterrupted oxygen (O 2 ) sensors for Saint Paul-based gas distribution corporation, Oxygen Service Company, which the business states are “working backwards.”

  • Yoghurt production

    MOCON introduces oxygen-depletion sensor


    MOCON, Inc., a permeability testing equipment specialist, has introduced a ground-breaking instrument for total viable count (TVC) and indicator organisms in bacteria using its oxygen (O 2 ) depletion sensor and automated reader.

  • Cogs manufacturing concept

    Cambridge Sensotec upgrades Rapidox 1100


    Specialised gas analysis corporation, Cambridge Sensotec, has upgraded its most popular analyser – the Rapidox 1100.

  • Supplement, Sf1, Going with the flow – August 2015

    Emerson introduces continuous gas analyser


    Emerson, a global manufacturing and technology company, has introduced a new continuous analyser to meet the expanding needs for accurate and cost-effective gas analysis and emissions monitoring systems.

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    E Instruments celebrates 15th anniversary


    2016 marks a milestone for gas analyser manufacturing company, E Instruments International LLC, as it celebrates its 15 th anniversary in business.

  • Inert gas newsletter image june 2016

    Pure inert gas environment from Cambridge Sensotec


    UK-based gas analysis specialist, Cambridge Sensotec, has expanded into inert gas applications with its Rapidox 1100 and 2100 models providing the purest possible environment during the process.

  • Servomex americas tc centre opening

    Servomex opens revamped technical centre


    Servomex, a gas analysis expert, has reopened its Americas Technical Centre (TC) in Massachusetts following an extensive overhaul of the facility.

  • Trailing shields

    HFT breaks “all technological boundaries”


    Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT®) has unveiled its latest, unique Weld Purge Monitor® which the company claims breaks “all technological boundaries in one instrument.”

  • Gas analysis in 2015 – August 2015

    Coltraco releases ultrasonic leak detector


    Coltraco Ultrasonics, a safety and survey equipment manufacturer, has released a new leak detector to add value to its Portascanner® package.

  • Cambridge sensotec sf6 gas analyser in electrical equipment

    Cambridge Sensotec senses SF6 with Rapidox analyser


    Cambridge Sensotec has designed the Rapidox SF 6 6100 Pump Back gas analyser, in order to detect levels of sulphur hexafluoride (SF 6 ) in electrical equipment.

  • Fire

    Quantitech’s gas analysers help examine Averies fire fumes


    Quantitech Ltd., Gasmet Technologies’ UK representative, supplied gas analysers to help measure fumes and breakdown gas analysis of the Averies Recycling fire in Swindon in 2014.

  • Crowcon-office

    Crowcon adds value to gas detector range


    Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd, a specialist gas detection equipment manufacturer, has extended its range of next-generation fixed-point gas detectors adding further detection capacities.

  • Carbon dioxide CO2 green

    E Instruments upgrades CO2 analyser


    E Instruments, a gas analyser manufacturing company, has upgraded its E8500 device to be able to measure up to 50% of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) in combustion processes.

  • ammonia tank

    Tiger develops world’s most sensitive ammonia detector


    Tiger Optics, a US gas analyser manufacturer, has developed a gas analyser which it claims is the world’s most sensitive detector for moisture in ammonia (NH3).

  • Gas analysis in 2015 – August 2015

    Chromatotec – Turnkey solutions for the analytical chain


    Recently celebrating its 40th anniversary and operating in a hugely competitive sector, the French family firm of Chromatotec is advancing with its focus on ambient, industrial process and oil and gas markets with its sensitive online automatic gas chromatograph analysers (autoGC).

  • Analyser output, business chart

    Gas analysis and control – Ubiquitous throughout industry


    Just as industrial gases are at the heart of so many industries, so too are gas analysis and control technologies. From automotive to aerospace, energy to environment and pharmaceuticals to petrochemistry, the requirement to analyse gases and molecules is ubiquitous.

  • Orthodyne company building

    Tailored solutions in gas analysis


    Immersed as it is in instruments, detectors and total analytical engineering solutions, Belgium-based Orthodyne is at the forefront of the gas analysis and control market. Here in an interview with gas world, the company talks longevity and growth drivers in gas analysis.

  • Caraccio with FTIR, Gasmet

    The final frontier – Gas analysis for space simulations


    A portable FTIR gas analyser from Gasmet was used in 2014 as part of a specialist space sector project to understand the potential issues facing any manned missions to Mars – perhaps demonstrating an exciting future application in gas analysis and control.

  • Freezer, food and beverages

    Gas analysis and control…in food and beverages


    Rob Cockerill talks with MOCON’s Karsten Kejlhof about the role of gas analysis and control solutions in the food and beverages business and what trends are shaping the market’s future.