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  • Bill kroll

    Spotlight on 2021: Bill Kroll on the future of energy and renewable hydrogen


    Industry veteran, William (Bill) J. Kroll, Chairman Emeritus at Matheson & Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation, is a self-admitted hydrogen fan and discussed his views on the future of blue and green hydrogen while in conversation with gasworld TV as part of the Industrial gas: The year so far webinar.

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    Spotlight on 2021: How the industry came together during the Coronavirus pandemic


    Ravin Mirchandani, Director at Mack Valves, explained how the industrial gases industry has come together during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, as part of the Spotlight on 2021: The Industrial Gas Year So Far webinar. 

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    Webinar: Industrial gas, the year so far


    By the mid-point of 2021 the world of industrial gas has seen myriad developments and new ground being broken, the topic of conversation in today’s (25th June 2021) webinar, sponsored by Anova, was an exploration of the year so far within industrial gas and all of its major talking points. ...

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    Webinar: Digitalisation in industrial gases


    In Part One of a two-part gasworld TV webinar series, sponsored by Anova, digitisation in industrial gases took centre stage, with one speaker stating that the pandemic has really accelerated the industry’s digital learning curve.

  • Telemetry and telematics

    Ever evolving – Telemetry and telematics


    New – Smart Series! Telemetry has been used for decades across various industries and applications, but with technologies advancing and the rise of state-of-the-art telematics too, the landscape is shifting in industrial gas telemetry and telematics.