Carburos Metálicos, a leading company in the industrial and medicinal gases sector in Spain, which is part of the Air Products Group, has presented its new Halia QM® system for pH neutralisation for water treatment at iWater 2018.

The new Halia QM® system for reducing the pH of water, both wastewater, drinking water and process water, uses CO2 which, when dissolved in water, forms carbonic acid, which acts as a neutralising agent. The equipment has been specially designed for the optimisation of gas consumption and to adapt to the particular characteristics of each installation. In this way, it is possible to minimise both the fixed costs of the equipment and the operating costs. Consequently, the use of CO2 to regulate pH becomes an alternative, not only better from an environmental and safety point of view to mineral acids, but also a cheaper alternative.

The use of CO2 as a neutralising agent is a better alternative than the use of mineral acids, taking into account the many advantages it brings, from a technological, safety or economic point of view, but mainly from the environmental point of view. Neutralising with CO2 is the most sustainable way to reduce the pH of water, since it not only prevents the formation of residual salts such as chlorides or sulfates, but also contributes to the CO2 being fixed in the water in the form of bicarbonates, thus avoiding its emission into the atmosphere.

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“The new Halia QM® system for pH neutralisation replaces the old Neutracarb ™ device, with a more compact and more economical design. During 2018, several teams have already been supplied with results that guarantee their high performance in the dissolution of CO2 and therefore in the optimisation of gas consumption,” said Carles Pallé, Head of Commercial Technology in Water at Carburos Metálicos.

“Carburos Metálicos is committed to research and development as a strategy to be able to offer the water treatment sector sustainable solutions that allow for better management of resources. In order to meet these requirements we developed the Halia QM® equipment for pH neutralisation, which we presented at the Tech Hub within the framework of the iWater fair,” explained Dr. Sonia Guri, responsible for agri-food and water treatment of the R&D Department of Metal Carbides.

For Carburos Metálicos, sustainability is at the centre of its activity, backed by three fundamental lines of action: Grow responsibly by offering efficient, sustainable and long-lasting solutions to its customers, conserve resources and reduce our environmental impact thanks to cutting-edge innovations and Care for employees, customers, and the economic and social fabric of the communities in which it is present.

iWater is the International Exhibition of the Integral Water Cycle organised by the Fira de Barcelona with the support of the International Water Association (IWA). It has celebrated its second edition this year. In 2018, the show served to boost business, networking and knowledge in the different phases of the integrated water cycle, focusing on digitalisation to gain efficiency and in the circular economy as a paradigm to face the scarcity of water resources. It has gathered in Barcelona for three days a hundred exhibitors from eight countries that have exhibited cutting-edge technologies and novelties designed to modernise infrastructure and ensure the sustainable and intelligent management of water in cities, industry and agriculture.