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    CO2: Major UK fertiliser plant to permanently close


    As natural gas prices continue to skyrocket, CF Fertilisers (CFF) - one of the UK’s largest fertiliser production companies - has announced that it will permanently close its Ince manufacturing facility near Chester.

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    Agenda complete for topical CO2 Summit


    With just over one week to go until gasworld’s (virtual) Europe CO2 Summit 2022, the final speakers have been announced for the event.

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    European CO2 Summit: Now virtual for 2022


    Due to recent developments regarding Covid-19, its impact across Europe and on international travel, gasworld has reshaped its Europe CO2 Summit 2022 event, which will now take place virtually on 9th March.

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    Converting challenges into opportunities


    Diversification and decarbonisation in CO2 are on the agenda at Nippon Gases, writes Rob Cockerill.

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    BASF becomes latest to curtail fertiliser production


    Chemicals giant BASF has become the latest to curtail certain fertilisers production capacity, due to the ‘extremely challenging’ economics at the hands of high natural gas prices.

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    British meat industry reacts to CO2 Govt deal


    As fears over a looming carbon dioxide (CO2) crisis begin to abate, the British meat industry has realised that measures will have to be taken to ensure the future stability of UK CO2 supply and pricing.

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    CO2: Why the UK Govt had to subsidise fertiliser production


    No sooner had it started, it appears to be almost over. Was this the shortest-lived CO2 ‘crisis’ yet?

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    CO2: UK government strikes deal to restart CO2 production


    The UK government has struck a deal with fertiliser firm CF Industries - a major carbon dioxide supplier - to restart production at two of its plants to ease fears of a CO2 shortage in the UK, according to reports.

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    CO2: UK government in talks to resume supply of CO2


    The UK government is working with CF Fertilisers (CFF) to get its two fertiliser plants running again this week in an attempt to ease concerns over carbon dioxide (CO2) shortages in the Britain.

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    CO2 supply concerns continue


    The concern surrounding carbon dioxide (CO2) supply chain shortages continues in the UK and parts of Europe this week, with the industry working hard to mitigate the impact for its customers.

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    CO2: Fertiliser plant closures expected


    Against the backdrop of soaring natural gas prices and the squeeze this is putting on both the energy sector and various industries in Europe, further fertiliser plant closures have now been confirmed.

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    CO2 shortages: How did we get here again?


    Fresh carbon dioxide (CO2) shortages could be set to emerge in the UK in the weeks ahead, and the impact will be seen across the key end-user applications.

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    Exclusive: Fresh CO2 shortages anticipated


    A new carbon dioxide (CO2) supply crisis could be set to emerge in the days and weeks ahead, with the fertiliser industry under strain from soaring natural gas prices and the subsequent effect of plant closures on ammonia production.

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    Covid-19’s impact on the North American CO2 industry


    The effects on the carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) industry caused by the Covid-19 outbreak are dramatic, writes gasworld Editorial Advisory Board member Sam A. Rushing.

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    Supercritical CO2 in the spotlight


    Supercritical carbon dioxide (sCO2), carbon dioxide elevated in a fluid state at or above its critical temperature and critical pressure point, is the subject of increasing application across a range of once tired, less efficient or less than environmentally-friendly applications.

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    Exclusive: Flexibility and adaptability the key


    When Rudolf Ehrenfried Buse set up a bag factory in Germany in 1875, he became fascinated by what we know today as natural gas and carbon dioxide (CO2) that seeped from the soil in the area surrounding it.

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    Kief Cannabis: Putting the craft back into cannabis


    If you had asked Adam Bromley when he arrived in Winnipeg, Canada in 2010 what he would be doing as a job in nine years’ time, working in the cannabis industry wouldn’t have crossed his mind.

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    North American CO2 Summit: session three recap


    Carbon dioxide’s role in the production of legalised cannabis as well as the food and beverage market were two of the hot topics covered in the afternoon session at gas world’s North American CO 2  Summit here in Indianapolis.

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    North American CO2 Summit: sessions one and two recap


    Industry giants and experts offered insight into whether carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) supply was keeping up with demand during the first two sessions at gas world’s North American CO2 Summit here in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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    £5m boost to scale up pilot


    Europe’s first bioenergy carbon capture storage (BECCS) project has been boosted by a £5m ($6.4m) grant from the UK Government.