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    Covid-19’s impact on the North American CO2 industry


    The effects on the carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) industry caused by the Covid-19 outbreak are dramatic, writes gasworld Editorial Advisory Board member Sam A. Rushing.

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    Supercritical CO2 in the spotlight


    Supercritical carbon dioxide (sCO2), carbon dioxide elevated in a fluid state at or above its critical temperature and critical pressure point, is the subject of increasing application across a range of once tired, less efficient or less than environmentally-friendly applications.

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    Exclusive: Flexibility and adaptability the key


    When Rudolf Ehrenfried Buse set up a bag factory in Germany in 1875, he became fascinated by what we know today as natural gas and carbon dioxide (CO2) that seeped from the soil in the area surrounding it.

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    Kief Cannabis: Putting the craft back into cannabis


    If you had asked Adam Bromley when he arrived in Winnipeg, Canada in 2010 what he would be doing as a job in nine years’ time, working in the cannabis industry wouldn’t have crossed his mind.

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    North American CO2 Summit: session three recap


    Carbon dioxide’s role in the production of legalised cannabis as well as the food and beverage market were two of the hot topics covered in the afternoon session at gas world’s North American CO 2  Summit here in Indianapolis.

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    North American CO2 Summit: sessions one and two recap


    Industry giants and experts offered insight into whether carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) supply was keeping up with demand during the first two sessions at gas world’s North American CO2 Summit here in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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    £5m boost to scale up pilot


    Europe’s first bioenergy carbon capture storage (BECCS) project has been boosted by a £5m ($6.4m) grant from the UK Government.

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    The CO2 crisis: One year on, could history repeat itself anytime soon?


    This week marks one year since the biggest carbon dioxide (CO2) shortage of recent years erupted.

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    Nippon Gases to build £9.5m CO2 hub


    Japanese industrial gas company Nippon Gases will build a £9.5m ($12.1m) carbon dioxide (CO2) import and distribution terminal at Warrenpoint Port, Northern Ireland.

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    Unique carbon capture technology to be trialled


    An Arizona State University (ASU) professor has developed unique carbon capture technology which is set to be deployed by an Ireland-based tech company.

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    Summit on the Slopes: session three recap


    Heineken’s Nicolas Clerget and The Coca-Cola Company’s Rohit Thawani told gasworld’s CO 2  Summit about their end-users’ experiences in entertaining presentations here in Innsbruck, Austria.

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    Summit on the Slopes: sessions one and two recap


    Industry giants Air Liquide, Linde Engineering and Climeworks offered insight into leading the drive to alternative sourcing during the first two sessions at gas world’s CO 2  Summit here in Innsbruck, Austria.

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    CO2 Summit on the Slopes underway


    gas world’s CO 2  Summit 2019 is now officially underway with discussion focusing on the key issues in the carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) sector in Innsbruck, Austria .

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    CO2 Summit begins today


    Industrial gas professionals and high-profile end-users are beginning to gather at the stunning Interalpen Hotel Tyrol in Innsbruck, Austria, for gas world’s second CO 2  Summit.

  • Plenty in the atmosphere, but not enough in our beer

    Drax could help keep the fizz in the drinks sector


    Drax is in discussions with the British Beer and Pub Association to see if it could help keep the fizz in the drinks industry as part of its efforts to ensure the CO 2 captured during Europe’s first BECCS project is used in another process or industry.

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    World first: Drax pilot capturing CO2


    Energy firm Drax has started capturing carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) from the combustion of 100% biomass feedstock at its power station in the UK – a first anywhere in the world.

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    Greenhouse growing with CO2 goes green


    Stephen B. Harrison explains why CO 2 for crop growth is good for the environment, and good for business.

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    CO2 sourcing and supply


    Few in the carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) business will be in any doubt about the fine line of supply the industry seems to be walking at the moment. Though it has perhaps long been the case that the CO 2 markets are somewhat hanging in the balance, last ...

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    “Our goal is ambitious, but you have to think big”


    Climeworks is moving the needle on CO 2 capture, writes Rob Cockerill in an interview with Christoph Gebald and Louise Charles.

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    CO2: A critical role this holiday season


    Writing on the day he is set to attend a corporate Christmas party, Sam A. Rushing looks ahead to the critical role of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the holiday season – a welcome change from talk of critical shortages throughout the second half of 2018.