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    Now is the time to get out there and move forward


    Now is the time to pause, re-evaluate your strategy and get out there in front of your customer base and realise it in a post-pandemic world. That was the overriding sentiment of gasworld’s recent US-focused Lands of Opportunity webinar, sponsored by DOD Technologies.

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    Digitisation: What does NB-IoT mean for the industry?


    There’s still a lot of ‘runway’ in gas monitoring to be realised and the deployment of NB-IoT (Narrow-Band Internet of Things) represents a big opportunity in the US gases industry, according to Nick Marco, Sr. Business Development Manager of Industrial Gas at Otodata Technologies.

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    SIAD publishes compressor white paper


    Italy-based SIAD Group has made its new white paper on current and future compressor design available to all, via gasworld’s new White Papers platform.

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    A succession change like no other?


    The announcement yesterday that Sanjiv Lamba will succeed Steve Angel as CEO of Linde plc is an interesting development on so many levels, writes gasworld’s Rob Cockerill.

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    The rise of digitalisation: Boosting business with e-commerce


    The industrial gases business is still very traditional in how it operates, based upon strong cultural and organisational paradigms. It’s still very customer-facing and local in nature. As a result, e-commerce essentially changes that business model, that culture, within our industry. It’s essentially a paradigm shift, something which can in ...

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    Maintaining customer relations (and remote working)


    All companies have been faced with the challenge of maintaining robust and consistent customer relations in the midst the pandemic, writes Art Anderson in his latest feature exclusively for gasworld.

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    Digitisation in medical gases: A perspective from APT


    Italian  gas and liquid analysis specialist APT provides a first-hand perspective on the evolving world – and requirements – of digitisation and data integrity in medical gases.

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    Digitisation and data integrity in medical gases


    Rob Cockerill explores the ever-increasing world of digitisation in medical gases, and the critical importance of data integrity in this future-proofed area of healthcare.

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    Change management


    Responding to changing cryogenic plant requirements with asset management solutions, by Fabio Pinzi, Business Strategy at AMBRA SISTEMI.

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    Spotlight on 2021: The value of IoT as the industrial gases market builds back from Covid-19


    As a result of the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), companies have an increased need for digitalisation and the use of data, complemented by value-added solutions, to help narrow gaps in the supply chain.

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    Worldwide fleet data unlocked via IMT Fleets App


    Intermodal Telematics (IMT) have released its IMT Fleets App, allowing on-the-go fleet management, including asset whereabouts and cargo temperature and pressure indicators.

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    Spotlight on Specialty Gases: Trends in Markets & Operations


    “A niche within a niche” that’s exactly what gas world’s Global Managing Editor, Rob Cockerill, described the speciality gases business as in today’s webinar titled Spotlight on Specialty Gases: Trends in Markets Operations, sponsored by Weldcoa.

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    The new playbook


    On a worldwide scale, more people than ever are engaged in remote work. According to Global Workplace Analytics , this type of work has expanded 10 times faster than other areas of the workforce over the last decade.

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    Webinar: Digitalisation in industrial gases


    In Part One of a two-part gasworld TV webinar series, sponsored by Anova, digitisation in industrial gases took centre stage, with one speaker stating that the pandemic has really accelerated the industry’s digital learning curve.

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    GWEUROPE21: McKinsey on optimising operations with digitisation


    Speaking at gasworld’s Virtual Europe Industrial Gas Summit 2021 today (27 th April), global management consulting firm McKinsey, said it sees a lot of value in advanced digital technologies for industrial gas companies.

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    Writing new chapters in Europe


    Rob Cockerill reflects on the changing outlook for the European industrial gases business, against a backdrop of decarbonisation, digitisation and a divergence in local landscapes.

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    Preview: The connective compression coming to the industry


    The industrial gases industry is in the midst of transformational change, across the supply chain. Bergamo-based Italian innovator the SIAD Group is keenly aware of this change and actively in the process of building resilience through supply chain optimisation and diversification.

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    10 minutes with…Tim Fusco


    Take 10 minutes out with Tim Fusco, CEO of TrackAbout, to learn more about the company’s acquisition by Datacor, the trends it sees in asset management, and where the TrackAbout focus is today.

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    Integrated measuring solutions


    Andrey Ruban, Ph.D. Global Segment Manager Industrial and Medical Gases, describes the expertise at the heart of WIKA as it passes 75 years of business – and offers a glimpse at its future.

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    Industry 4.0 cylinders


    Engineering the future in a digitised world of packaged gases – a perspective from AMBRA Sistemi.