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  • medical-oxygen-cylinders

    Medical oxygen delivery


    Mankind has been relying on medicinal gases being supplied to them in various types of gas ‘containers’ for over 120 years, writes Dr. Roy S. Irani.

  • Gas-cylinders

    Safe cylinder packages


    Both the words ‘standard’ and ‘safe’ have played an important part of my life working with gas cylinder packages over the past several decades. So you can imagine my joy when the Editor requested that I write an article as per the above title.

  • Gas-cylinders

    Cylinder technologies – A view to 2020


    Over the years like all commodities, gas cylinders have undergone several technological changes. Here, Dr. Roy S. Irani, Gas Package Solutions, gazes into his crystal ball and provides a view of cylinder technologies toward 2020 and beyond.

  • cylinders 3

    Cylinder technologies


    Regardless of which industry we work in and whether we are aware of it or not, standards affect all of us, every day of our lives. Some of you may groan at this topic, but do read on, since this subject can be a most rewarding and intriguing area. I ...

  • green packaged gases

    Green packaged gas technologies


    Though in the current context ‘green’ has been initially developed with respect to the technical efficiency of the cylinder package, in some quarters it could also be associated with respect to the cylinder’s contents. Dr. Roy Irani explains all here.

  • Packaged oxygen

    Packaged oxygen – Safety and operational concerns


    Oxygen…a gas which is essential to life, but if not treated with respect, will claim life. As its name implies, it is an oxidising gas which will promote combustion at the slightest provocation. In the context of the gases industry, much care and attention is always paid to this elemental ...

  • cylinder

    The cylinder business in 2017


    They say that ‘a week in politics is a long time!” Well, the relative rate of change in the gas cylinder business is, at times, following a similar comparison. In this context, 2017 is going to be a very exciting year.

  • fig 2 copyright faber industrie sp a

    Gaseous hydrogen – Man’s past foe, today’s challenge, tomorrow’s fuel


    Gaseous hydrogen has long been a challenge for mankind, though the gas has enormous potential for its harnessing by man. Who can forget the Hindenburg disaster with the loss of 35 lives in 1937, or the enormous disruptions caused to the industrial world, by the gas’ embrittling mechanism exposed in ...

  • hospital

    Challenges in medical cylinder design and maintenance


    For almost a century now, gas cylinders have been used with an ever-increasing degree of sophistication in the area of medical applications. The latter include both domiciliary, hospital and ambulatory use; each with their particular requirements. Initially of a seamless steel construction, they have now utilised different alloys and in ...

  • Linde Cylinder Caps

    Advances in cylinder technology and testing


    Where does one start in such a wide field? After all, we have been manufacturing and testing gas cylinders for over a hundred years…Here, GPS’s Dr. Roy S. Irani discusses the latest advances in cylinder technology and testing techniques.

  • Generic Hydrogen cylinders

    CPVS 2015 – A review


    The busy heart of the German capital, Berlin, was the setting for the fifth Composite Pressure Vessel Symposium (CPVS) from 2nd - 4th November 2015, where the excellent facilities of the Melia Hotel made an ideal backdrop for welcoming delegates from five continents and 18 countries.

  • Toyota Mirai

    A future fuel’s paradise?


    Dr. Roy S. Irani, Gas Package Solutions (GPS) Ltd., discusses progress with static storage hydrogen receptacles.

  • Composite Pressure Vessel Symposium - February 2015

    Composite Pressure Vessel Symposium (CPVS) 2014


    A review of the latest in the series of CPVS’ in Salt Lake City, by Dr. Roy S. Irani, of Gas Package Solutions (GPS) Ltd.

  • July 2014 SF1 Image 1

    Trends in compressed gases


    Over the past few decades, gas companies have been developing a number of new gaseous mixtures for a vast array of applications in industries ranging from food to welding through to the medical, refrigerant and electronic ones, to name but a few.

  • Cylinders Safety label

    Gas cylinder technology...Recent advances


    Of primary interest in cylinder technology has been the drive to minimise the weight of the cylinder. Close on the heel of an efficient gas cylinder concept, is another interpretation of an efficient gas containment envelope in the form of convenience – packing all elements into one package. Here, Dr. ...

  • Fig. 4  A Titan container, Roy Irani

    Efficient transport modes for the fracking industry


    Fracking and natural gas have been such common words in recent forums and the gas receptacle world has not been left out. If anything, both the gas cylinder and automotive industries have been preparing for this ‘green’ fuel alternative for several decades and have considered not only the output post ...

  • SF4 Image 1 November 2013

    R&D in the world of pressure receptacles


    My very first article on gas cylinders was first written over a quarter of a century ago and there I had chosen the title ‘Safe and Efficient Gas Cylinders’. The main thrust was the move towards a 300 bar working pressure (WP) receptacle from the conventional 200 bar WP counterpart.

  • Gas cylinders

    Compressed gas business – Pre-fill inspection requirements


    Dr Roy S. Irani, of GPS Ltd, discusses pre-fill inspection requirements for transportable cylinders.

  • Salt Lake City

    Composite Pressure Vessels Symposium 2012 – A review from Salt Lake City


    The second ever Symposium on Composite Pressure Vessels (CPV) organised by Seifert & Skinner & Associates was held in the compact and delightful environment of the Mormon Centre of Salt Lake City, Utah in the US in December (2012). Dr. Roy S. Irani provides a review of the event.

  • Messer cylinders

    The compressed gases business – Cylinder standards and harmonisation


    This is a very necessary article since the effects of globalisation have brought a sea change to the traditional relationship between countries and international gas companies and their roles in addressing social, economic and environmental issues.

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