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    Semiconductor design centre plans unveiled for the Midwest amidst rising market pressures


    Amidst rising demands in the US semiconductor market and pressures building on Congress to fund the $52bn CHIPS Act, plans have been announced for the Midwest’s first chip design centre.

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    The recent developments and challenges in electronic specialty gases


    The semiconductor industry had a record year in 2021 as the continued challenges of Covid-19 had a large impact on the ways that we work, shop, attend school and entertain ourselves. All of these changes have a positive impact on semiconductor demand as they drive demand for the electronic devices ...

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    Air Liquide reports ‘strong growth’ in Q1 2022 results


    “There was strong growth in this first quarter, which reflects a good level of activity and demonstrates the group’s resilience in a context marked, notably, by inflation and the war in Ukraine.”

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    Ukraine war: Impact on industrial gas markets


    Now more one full month into the war in Ukraine and with the conflict having escalated significantly in the last fortnight, the impact on trade, economies and the world as a whole is widespread.

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    Air Liquide strengthens presence in the Japanese electronics market


    Air Liquide will invest more than €300m in four state-of-the-art gases plants in key electronics basins to supply two major semiconductor manufacturers with ultra-high purity industrial gases in Japan.

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    Concerns for rare gas production from Ukraine


    With a significant percentage of the world’s semiconductor-grade neon production derived from Ukraine and Eastern Europe as a whole, concerns are being raised for the stability of rare gases supply as the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues.

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    Electronic Specialty Gas Conference set for October


    Linx Consulting’s Electronic Specialty Gas Conference will be held in person at Wild Horse Pass in Chandler, Arizona, from 19th to 21st October.

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    In focus… The electronics market in 2022


    Rob Cockerill looks at the current trends in the electronics sector, future expectations, and what all of this means for the specialty gases business – and helium in particular.

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    Air Liquide reports 2021 first half results


    Continuing to help those in need fight against Covid-19, completing the acquisition of 16 Sasol air separation units (ASUs) and launching its first green bond issue are just some of the highlights from Air Liquide’s first half of 2021.

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    Electronic Specialty Gas Conference set to be virtual


    Linx Consulting, Inc. will hold its annual Electronic Specialty Gas Conference in a virtual format on 12-14 th October.

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    Maintaining cleanroom safety with sampling gas detection


    Analysis meets electronics specialty gases in the cleanroom, explains an insightful feature from International Gas Detectors (IGD).

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    Advances in analytics and detection


    An interview with CONSCI’s Blake McElmurry, by Rob Cockerill.

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    Air Liquide to build nitrogen production facility in China


    Air Liquide China today (4 th Feb) said it will build, own and operate new high-purity nitrogen production facilities in Miangyang City with a total capacity of 75,000Nm 3 /h to supply IoT firm BOE.

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    Linde and Samsung Electronics sign second long-term agreement


    Linde has entered into a long-term agreement with Samsung Electronics to supply ultra-high purity industrial gases for the South Korean tech giant’s latest semiconductor facilities in Pyeongtaek, South Korea.

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    Linde signs new long-term agreement with major electronics customer in Taiwan


    Linde’s joint venture, Linde LienHwa (LLH), will invest approximately $100m to build three new high purity on-site plants under a long-term agreement with a major electronics company in Taiwan, the world’s largest industrial gases group said today.

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    Linde starts up new plant


    Linde has started up a new Spectra high purity nitrogen generator in Shanghai, China to support the expansion of a leading semiconductor manufacturer in the ZhangJiang Hi-tech Park.

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    Specialty gases in China


    As a result of the Zhongxin issue, the Huawei issue, and the recent trade wars, not only is China’s central government urging the semiconductor industry to expedite the advancement of domestic chip manufacture, the country’s specialty gas industry is also calling for an acceleration of domestic specialty and electronics gas ...

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    Beyond smart – SEMICON West 2019 preview


    The semiconductor industry is at the cusp of what is widely expected to be a rapid, multi-year expansion cycle powered by new end-markets and growth opportunities in revolutionary technology segments such as artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain, machine learning, and autonomous vehicles.

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    Data, smart technology and electronics gases


    When we think of Industry 4.0 and the wave of digitisation sweeping throughout industry and society alike, we tend to focus on the technology and operational change that it brings. The electronics gases business is largely overlooked and yet entirely intrinsic to this digital revolution.

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    Opportunities in electronic specialty gases


    The electronic specialty gas (ESG) market, while a small segment of the global gas market, is one of the most complex and least understood market segments of the electronic chemicals and materials landscape, write Mike Corbett and Andy Tuan, Linx Consulting.