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  • Servomex Carrier Gas Purifier

    An introduction to...Carrier gas purifiers


    In gas chromatography (GC) and analysis, sensitive is key. Used in analytical chemistry to separate and analyse compounds that can be vaporised without decomposition, within industrial gas production GC applies specifically to the process of separating a gas mixture to determine the presence and relative concentration of gases and impurities ...

  • Dome-loaded pressure regulator

    An introduction to...Dome-loaded pressure regulators


    Pressure regulators are used to regulate gas pressure down to a desired level. Applications can be found, for example, in central gas supply from bulk or cryogenic tank, as well as in cylinder supplies. Technically, there are various kinds of designs of pressure regulators - ‘dome loaded’ is just one ...

  • Eqiupment Profile Liquid helium technologies

    An introduction to... Liquid helium technologies


    With a temperature of -269°C, liquid helium can be more difficult to successfully store than other cryogenic liquids. Further still, it’s not just the storage itself that can be challenging; liquid helium requires considerable expertise in insulation technology to minimise losses.

  • Weldship ISO container

    An introduction to...ISO containers


    An ISO container or intermodal shipping container is a generic term used for a standardised, reusable shipping module that provides safe, economical and secure storage for the transportation of products within a global containerised freight transport system.

  • Flameless oxyfuel

    An introduction to...Oxyfuel technology


    The term oxyfuel is relatively self-explanatory, referring to technology that burns a fuel with oxygen. Oxyfuel technology was developed in response to traditional air-fuel combustion processes, offering a number of significant advantages.

  • Equipment Profile Pressure Gauge

    An introduction to...Pressure gauges


    A part of the process instrumentation family, the pressure gauge is a significant safety device in gas and liquid pressure regulation. Gas pressure regulators are used to reduce the pressure of gas supplied from a high-pressure vessel to a safe and workable level that can be safely used for operating ...

  • medical-synthetic-air-mixers

    An introduction to...Medical synthetic air mixers


    Medical applications, in particular, require high purity air. medical synthetic air mixing systems offer a solution for reliable production of ‘synthetic air’, a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen with a similar composition to the atmosphere, as this month’s equipment profile explains.

  • witt-oxybaby-gas_world

    An introduction to... MAP gas analysers


    Modern modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) gas analyser technology supports food producers in increasing the safety and cost-effectiveness of their application and to ensure the quality of their products.

  • Portable pumping

    An introduction to... Portable pumping skids


    Aerospace, medical oxygen, beverage gas, disaster relief response and oil fields are just a few unique applications where the need for remote or portable cylinder filling or high pressure gas delivery is required. What benefits do portable pumping skids provide? Industrial gas distributors who would like to start filling their ...

  • CO2 TPI

    An introduction to... CO2 Vaporisers


    Vaporising CO2 means to change the CO2 from a liquid phase into gas. Physically, this can only be done by adding heat to the liquid CO2. Adding heat can be achieved by using steam, electricity or simply ambient heat.

  • WITT

    An introduction to... Flashback arrestors


    Special safety devices such as flashback arrestors prevent dangerous backfire and flashback. But how do flashback arrestors work, which different versions are available, and what has to be considered for the installation?

  • MicroBulk is largely seen as a method that is significantly more efficient than handling multiple cylinders.

    An introduction to... MicroBulk


    In today’s economy, most market sectors have been challenging and business professionals need ways to profitably grow their business. A MicroBulk system enables industrial gas distributors (from the independent to the international gas companies) to provide improved service to their customers.

  • ASU technologies continue to develop.

    An introduction to... ASU's


    Air separation units (ASU’s) are integral to the production of all industrial gases such as argon, oxygen and nitrogen by separating air into their constituent components, as our equipment profile this month explains.

  • A high duty LNG reciprocating pump from Cryostar

    An introduction to...LNG pumps


    As LNG occupies approximately 1/600th the space than in its gaseous state, it can be stored and transported by specially designed LNG carriers, cryogenic road tankers or railroad tankers. Fundamental across all of these applications, are LNG pumps. Read more about LNG pumps here.

  • Sherwood single valve

    An introduction to...Integrated valves


    For nearly 100 years, and until recently, gas suppliers through the decades have relied on the use of simple valves to discharge their products from the gas cylinders in which they are supplied.

  • Cryobiology, embryo freezing

    An introduction to...Cryobio equipment


    Driven by the demands of expanding life science activities, a wide range of freezers have been developed including colder mechanical freezers and the perhaps more sophisticated liquid nitrogen-based equipment technology. Tony Wheatley explains.

  • Gas cylinders

    An introduction to...Gas monitors and detection


    While ostensibly similar in nature, there are subtle but firm distinctions between gas detection and gas monitoring.

  • Linde welding

    An introduction to...MIG/TIG welding


    Although Metal Inert Gas (MIG) and Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) are both shielded arc fusion welding applications, the two processes differ quite substantially. This month's equipment profile explains.

  • Air Products tunnel freezer

    An introduction to...Cryogenic freezers


    Chilling and freezing are critical steps in many food production and distribution processes, as our equipment profile this month demonstrates.

  • Dry Ice Blasting

    An introduction to...Dry ice blasting


    Dry ice blasting is a powerful yet gentle cleaning method for all kind of surfaces applied in many industries.