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    US LNG ‘critical’ for lasting global energy security


    Without Russian pipeline gas, Europe’s demand for LNG is projected to increase 150% from 2021-2040. And while US LNG is already flowing to Europe at record levels, significantly more will be required to fully rebalance European gas markets.

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    Biomethane partnership launched by European Commission


    A new partnership has been launched between the European Commission and industry leaders to support the scaling up of biomethane production as part of the journey to Net Zero emissions.

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    NSHD prepares to launch Carbon Neutral World campaign


    Tier One industrial gas company Nippon Sanso Holding Group (NSHD) is gearing up to officially launch its unified Carbon Neutral World strategy, and has shared a sneak peek of the campaign exclusively with gasworld.

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    gasworld’s CO2 Summit starts tomorrow


    Over 210 delegates are now in the heart of Chicago for gasworld’s highly anticipated CO2 Summit. Now, arguably more than ever, carbon dioxide (CO2) is dominating headlines both here in the US and across the pond in Europe - and it’s yet again going to be in focus when sessions ...

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    Ten steps for EU states to meet biomethane targets


    EU member states must prepare, enable and mobilise national biomethane strategies, according to a Gas for Climate manual released today. 

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    CO2 shortages: A perfect storm coming into view


    Global Managing Editor Rob Cockerill reflects on not the news of a regrettable lawsuit between end-user and supplier, but the frustrations building in a severely challenged CO2 business in Europe.

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    CO2 shortages: Nippon Gases to appeal ruling as European supply crisis escalates


    gasworld has learned that the ongoing challenges facing the European carbon dioxide (CO2) business are beginning to deepen, with the tight supply chain coming to a head for many end-users and suppliers.

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    ‘World-scale’ blue ammonia project under construction in Texas


    A brand-new 1.1 million tonnes per annum blue ammonia project in Beaumont, Texas, is set to boost the future of zero-carbon ammonia-fuelled engine ships.

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    Atlas Copco acquires Oxymat


    Atlas Copco is further expanding its business, having today (2nd Sep) completed the acquisition of Oxymat.

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    New LNG infrastructure investment to reach $42bn annually from 2024


    Investments in new liquefied natural gas (LNG) infrastructure are set to grow to $42bn annually in 2024, according to new Rystad Energy research.

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    In focus… PSA systems


    Used to generate industrial gases onsite, pressure swing adsorption (PSA) plants are an alternative to more traditional cryogenic air separation processes. Considered advantageous when it comes to producing smaller volumes of oxygen, PSA has seen increased uptake over the past two years for medical oxygen production as healthcare facilities across ...

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    Medical gases and plant telemetry


    The medical gas market has undergone a major change in the last three years, a fact shared by all operators in the sector. Covid-19 has created unexpected increases in the consumption of medical gases and in particular, medical oxygen.

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    The new Oxygen 98 monograph and beyond


    Medical oxygen concentrators produce gas in-situ. The concentrator is a certified medical device, and the oxygen purity is continuously measured. Medical oxygen generated by a hospital in this way for its own use requires no marketing authorisation.

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    Life sciences: Limitless opportunities?


    Of all the areas of industry that the industrial gases business touches upon, from bulk gases, refrigeration, carbon dioxide (CO2) safety, and manufacturing, one stands out as an enabler of innovation for the wider medical sector – the life sciences industry.

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    Taking ownership of responsible oxygen use – together


    The provision of oxygen and other life-saving medical gases is largely taken for granted in the developed world.

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    Breathing space


    Across the globe, lung disease is on the rise and threatens to be a major public health problem. From lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) through to emphysema and asthma – a growing number of people suffer from chronic respiratory diseases.

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    UK Government unveils CCUS phase 2 shortlist


    The UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has unveiled 20 potential carbon capture and storage sites in a recently released phase 2 shortlist

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    Hexagon strengthens LNG and hydrogen focus


    The Hexagon Group is expanding its footprint in the LNG and liquid hydrogen space, having acquired a 40% stake in cryogenic tank technology manufacturer Cryoshelter GmbH.

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    Linde delivers ‘strong’ Q2 2022 results


    Linde today (28th July) reported yet another ‘strong’ set of financials, with its second quarter (Q2) 2022 results highlighting sales of $8.5bn, 12% above Q2 2021.

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    New project to scale up clean jet fuel in Portugal


    A new joint venture between The Navigator Company (Navigator) and P2X-Europe aims to ramp up sustainable fuels for Portugal’s aviation industry and market supplies to its chemicals sector.