INOXCVA: Then and now

This October gasworld celebrates its 20th anniversary, charting key moments, events and industry stakeholders over our last two decades.

It’s been a progressive period of activity marked by multiple milestones and product launches, but it’s also been a timeline of rapid advancement in technologies and various sectors of the industry.

And above all, it’s been a period of mergers, acquisitions, the rise of the Asia-Pacific markets, and the indomitable global expansion ambitions of many industry innovators.

INOXCVA is a company where the confluence of all of these dynamics has been evidenced. From Earth to Space, INOXCVA has consistently been breaking ground both in cryogenic storage technologies and its international roll-out. And it’s intrepid journey is far from complete just yet…

Here we look back on the INOXCVA adventure in cryogenic tanks and solutions, and its future growth path.


In the annals of industrial innovation, few companies can boast a journey like that of INOXCVA. It all began in 1992 when P. K. Jain commissioned its facility in Kalol.

INOXCVA’s journey began with commercial production in 1992. Over the years, it has expanded its horizons, entering into new markets and applications, adapting to the changing needs of industries.

INOXCVA established its new facility at Kandla special economic zone, in Gujarat in 2007.


Fast-forward to today, with over 30 years of experience, INOXCVA is a prominent manufacturer of cryogenic equipment and was one of the leading cryogenic tank manufacturers in the world by revenues in 2021*.

With three manufacturing facilities in India and strategically located sales offices in Brazil and the Netherlands, INOXCVA remains poised to meet the needs of domestic and international clients alike. Its offerings span from standard cryogenic tanks and equipment, beverage kegs, bespoke technology, to large turnkey projects, used in diverse industries such as industrial gases, liquified natural gas (LNG), green hydrogen, energy, steel, medical and healthcare, chemicals and fertilisers, aviation and aerospace, pharmaceuticals and construction.

The company’s diverse range of cryogenic tanks cater to a range of cryogenic substances, including helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrous oxide (N2O), LNG, and ethylene. It has garnered global approvals and certifications that are seen as a testament to its unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and excellence.

Magnitude of applications and achievements

Since INOXCVA’s inception, the company’s strategy has been to continually expanded into new applications and markets, adapting to the changing needs of industries.

The company was one of the leading cryogenic tank manufacturers in the world by revenues in 2021. The company has also made certain specialised installations such as the supply of its 300kl and 500kl cryogenic tanks to Air Liquide in the UK for oxygen service. Moreover, it produced and shipped a 238kl liquid hydrogen storage tank for a liquid hydrogen plant in South Korea. These projects underscore INOXCVA’s proficiency in cryogenic storage solutions worldwide.

The rise of LNG and hydrogen due to the increasing focus on reducing carbon emissions from conventional energy sources will drive the uptake of cryogenic equipment across geographies, and has not gone unnoticed. The company’s experience in industrial gases and LNG paves the way for what will be required for liquid hydrogen storage and distribution, and in this emerging field, a recent accomplishment was to build a 238m3 liquid hydrogen tank for a liquid hydrogen plant in South Korea.

Going forward, INOXCVA’s intent to focus its efforts on innovation continues to drive progress. Its LNG division designs, manufactures and installs standard and engineered solutions for LNG and liquid compressed natural gas. Today, the company has supplied several LNG semi-trailers to the Indian market. In 2019, the completed installation of a mini LNG terminal, which includes two 1,000 cubic meter vacuum insulated storage tanks, in Scotland, UK, and was also awarded an equipment supply contract for setting up a mini LNG terminal for Caribbean LNG Inc., in Antigua.

Furthermore, INOXCVA’s Cryo Scientific division designs, manufactures and installs equipment for technology intensive industrial applications and turnkey solutions for scientific and industrial research involving cryogenic distribution. It has the experience and expertise to design, manufacture, install and commission work such as cryogenic storage and handling systems for space research and projects like the design, manufacture, packing, supply, installation and acceptance testing of the warm lines and development of the displacement decoupling arrangement for piping systems for cryolines for ITER, an international nuclear fusion research and engineering mega-project in France.


*Source: CRISIL Report, December 2022.

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