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    DSI Freezing Solutions rebrands to DSI DANTECH


    DSI Freezing Solutions A/S has rebranded to DSI DANTECH to offer cryogenic, mechanical and plate technology for freezing, cooling and heating food.

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    CO2 supply tightens in some US states


    Some areas in the United States are seeing a tightening in supply of carbon dioxide (CO2), according to CO2 suppliers and distributors.

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    EspriGas expands partnership with Panda


    EspriGas, a technology and data-driven gas management company based in Atlanta, has expanded its partnership with Panda Express®, the largest Asian dining concept in the US, to include nearly 2,000 locations.

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    British meat industry reacts to CO2 Govt deal


    As fears over a looming carbon dioxide (CO2) crisis begin to abate, the British meat industry has realised that measures will have to be taken to ensure the future stability of UK CO2 supply and pricing.

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    CO2: UK government in talks to resume supply of CO2


    The UK government is working with CF Fertilisers (CFF) to get its two fertiliser plants running again this week in an attempt to ease concerns over carbon dioxide (CO2) shortages in the Britain.

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    Ten injured in explosion at Dippin’ Dots facility


    Ten people were injured on Wednesday (21 June) after an explosion during a delivery of liquid nitrogen at a Dippin’ Dots facility in Paducah, Kentucky, according to media reports.

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    AMETEK MOCON launches leak detection instrumentation for MAP packaging


    Permeation analyser manufacturer AMETEK MOCON has launched a new visual bubble leak detection system to locate leaks in all types of flexible, semi-rigid, and rigid packages in the food industry.

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    Chart completes minority investment in Earthly Labs; inks MoU


    Earthly Labs wants to capture as much as 20 times the CO2 from large craft breweries, meet the CO2 conversion needs of wineries, distilleries and cannabis, and accelerate the availability of its offerings in the Canadian market immediately.

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    Pentair strengthens its food and beverage focus in Asia


    Water treatment and sustainable solutions specialist Pentair has said it is strengthening its focus and commitment to delivering smart and sustainable solutions for the food and beverage industry in Asia.

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    BCGA Virtual Conference: Lord Callanan thanks the ‘thriving’ compressed gas industry


    Speaking at the British Compressed Gas Association’s (BCGA’s) Virtual Conference today (23 rd April), Lord Callanan thanked the industrial gas sector for the essential role it has played over the past year throughout the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

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    Air Products unveils new cryogenic freezing technology


    Air Products has unveiled new cryogenic freezing technology that allows operators to reduce the amount of liquid nitrogen used as a coolant, while increasing food product throughput and giving greater control over the freezing process.

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    Whole Foods Market adopts Honeywell refrigerant technology


    Global natural and organic foods retailer Whole Foods Market will utilise Honeywell’s Solstice® N40 (R-448A) lower global-warming-potential (GWP) refrigerants in its US store.

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    Air Products launches online calculator for food industries


    Air Products has launched an interactive, online tool to allow food manufacturers to assess which packing provides the best solution for minimising food waste and reducing the carbon footprint of a product.

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    Messer faces lawsuits over fatal liquid nitrogen leak


    Messer has received four wrongful death lawsuits in a Georgia state court relating to the six workers who were killed by a liquid nitrogen leak at a poultry processing plant in Gainesville, Georgia, on Jan. 28.

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    Investigation focuses on cryogenic freezing system


    An investigation into a liquid nitrogen leak at a poultry processing plant in Gainesville, Georgia, that killed six people is focusing on a cryogenic freezing system manufactured by Messer.

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    At least six dead after liquid nitrogen leak


    At least six people were killed after a suspected liquid nitrogen leak at a poultry plant in the US state of Georgia on 28th January, according to officials.

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    Food for thought


    Cryogenic equipment manufacturer Dohmeyer is seeing a consumer shift towards plant-based protein products, driven by Flexitarianism – an increasingly popular diet centred on plant foods with the occasional inclusion of meat that claims to reduce your carbon footprint and improve your health. “Flexitarians are mainly Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X ...

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    Cylinder testing systems


    With gas world’s theme this month of Food and Beverage and the paramount role of cylinder testing systems in ensuring the safety and quality of carbon dioxide (CO2) cylinders in this sector, Swiss Safety Center AG shares its insights into automated testing systems. At a time when terms like Internet ...

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    An introduction to… Continuous gas monitoring via GC


    Permanent gas analysis finds a wide range of applications in the fields of petrochemicals, chemicals, and wider energy industries. Permanent gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen, argon and methane (CH4) are common in pure gas manufacturing, refinery gases, natural gas, fuel cell gases, and many other industrial processes. ...

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    In focus… Dry ice in food and beverages


    There are two primary ways dry ice is used in the food and beverage industry: cold chain management and in food processing. A solid form of carbon dioxide, dry ice is used for cooling during the transport of many types of food items. Its unique characteristics make it a more ...