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    Carbon dioxide in food & beverages


    Carbon dioxide is principally sold in the developed markets to the food and beverage industries. Food grade standards are somewhat vague at times, however, beverage applications demand strict quality standards.

  • Industrial Gases for the Food & Beverage Market

    Industrial Gases for the Food & Beverage Market


    The food and beverage industry has enjoyed the benefits of using industrial gases for more than 45 years. These gases—primarily nitrogen and carbon dioxide—are used to chill, freeze, grind, and package a variety of products, including bakery and dairy items, beverages, fish and seafood, fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry, ...

  • Yara fertiliser usage

    Food processing – From farm to freezer


    Food processing is an industry that relies ever more on gases and associated technologies, as Tony Wheatley explains.

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    Food processing – An evolving business


    The reality is that food production has become a major industry controlled by a diminishing number of powerful multinational organisations. Food processing is big business – and something of an evolving market right now, as Tony Wheatley explains.

  • Supplying CO2 to the Food and Beverage Industry

    Supplying CO2 to the Food and Beverage Industry


    Although carbon dioxide (CO2) has played a role in the industrial preparation of food and beverages for decades, the provision of CO2 to today’s food and beverage manufacturers and processors is a highly advanced and exact science. Suppliers must be capable of guaranteeing consistent quality right down to parts per ...