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    Seltzers driving renewed demand


    In the developed world markets, such as North America, Europe, and Japan, carbon dioxide (CO2) usage in the food and beverage sector is the largest combined consumption for the commodity. More specifically, these two sectors generally represent around 70% of all merchant usage in the developed economies. In the developing ...

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    Putting the fizz into business


    The beverage industry is always developing new ways to satisfy our thirst. As the equipment used to dispense and distribute our favorite beverages is constantly evolving, it can be a challenge to keep up with industry trends and technology.

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    Why measure CO2 in HVAC applications?


    Ensuring sufficient air quality is a vital part of creating a healthy indoor air environment and living space.

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    Brewing the green way


    What do Country Boy Brewing’s Cougar Bait American Blond, Shotgun Wedding Vanilla Brown Ale, Cliff Jumper IPA and Halfway Home Pale Ale all have in common? They’re all now being produced in an environmentally friendly way with the implementation of carbon capture technology courtesy of Earthly Labs.

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    Protecting food from spoilage


    Food producers know that today’s consumers want fresh products that are minimally processed but also have long shelf life. To achieve this, the industry is increasingly relying on modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), which uses gases to control and slow oxidation of fresh food.

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    Support for family-run brewery


    For over 200 years ago, a renowned brewer and his family have been brewing and distributing award-winning beers, growing the business in a unique, slightly old-fashioned way.

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    Wireless telemetry: Changing the game in food and beverage


    Pulsa’s Sam Fatoohi explains how the fast-evolving world of wireless telemetry is changing the game in the food and beverages business today.

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    Looking in the mirror to see where you’re going


    For nearly a quarter century, I have had the good fortune to consult with independent gas distributors about their businesses. My employer provides enterprise software and services to the North American packaged gases industry, and as we have watched computing systems mature and grow, so have we watched the expectations ...

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    Supply chain becomes a traffic jam, long delays


    Equipment shortages, long lead times, price increases and shipping delays have presented challenges to the supply chain for most respondents in the Baird/gasworld third quarter (Q3) 2021 Welding and Industrial Gas Survey.

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    Company profile: Smith Precision Products


    Having manufactured many different model pumps and prototypes over the last 80 years, Smith Precision Products (also known as Smith Pumps) is a specialist in the low-pressure transfer of liquid carbon dioxide (CO2). Based in Newbury Park, California, the company serves the global market with its innovations - and has ...

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    10 minutes with… Scott Clarkson


    Scott Clarkson, Account Executive at Analox Group, took ten minutes out of his day to speak to gasworld.

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    Messer Americas supports food production challenges with innovative cryogenic technologies


    Messer Americas is helping food processors boost production of existing processing lines, and add capacity to new lines, to support customers which are still feeling the effects of the ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and reduced availability of carbon dioxide (CO2).

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    Judge calls Messer employee’s conduct ‘shockingly unacceptable’


    A judge has called the conduct of a Messer employee ’shockingly unacceptable and at best is grossly negligent’ in relation to a fatal liquid nitrogen leak at the Foundation Food Group in Georgia, US, earlier this year.

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    In focus…Why dry ice is in focus like never before


    Such is its versatility and increasing range of applications, one could be forgiven for thinking they’ve heard this statement many times before over the last decade: dry ice is in vogue like never before, explains Rob Cockerill.

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    Toasting a greener future


    I’ll drink to that, writes Rob Cockerill, as the stories of a new dawn in low-carbon distillery operations continue to grow.

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    Risks to food safety during a CO2 shortage


    As shortages of carbon dioxide (CO2) hit the headlines in the UK again, quality can be overlooked in the trade-off over availability. Gary Robson, of Sure Purity, explains the risks associated with supply chain disruption and the need for greater awareness about quality and food safety, when disruptions occur.

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    DSI Freezing Solutions rebrands to DSI DANTECH


    DSI Freezing Solutions A/S has rebranded to DSI DANTECH to offer cryogenic, mechanical and plate technology for freezing, cooling and heating food.

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    CO2 supply tightens in some US states


    Some areas in the United States are seeing a tightening in supply of carbon dioxide (CO2), according to CO2 suppliers and distributors.

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    EspriGas expands partnership with Panda


    EspriGas, a technology and data-driven gas management company based in Atlanta, has expanded its partnership with Panda Express®, the largest Asian dining concept in the US, to include nearly 2,000 locations.

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    British meat industry reacts to CO2 Govt deal


    As fears over a looming carbon dioxide (CO2) crisis begin to abate, the British meat industry has realised that measures will have to be taken to ensure the future stability of UK CO2 supply and pricing.