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    Helium gas diaphragm valves


    Helium gas providers are continually striving for improved means to deliver their products to an increasingly demanding customer base. To fulfill this perpetually advancing need, helium providers pursue a race for excellence in providing the best possible technological solutions captured in some of the world’s most advanced equipment to serve ...

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    Full composite cylinders


    Over nearly 60 years, composite technologies utilising high strength, lightweight carbon fiber have made significant strides in reducing the weight and increasing the strength properties of many different products used in everyday life. Composites are increasingly used in the manufacture of aircraft, wind turbine blades, bicycles, and cylinders for high ...

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    Sauer Compressors USA


    Established in 1998, Sauer Compressors USA stands as one of 13 subsidiaries of Sauer Compressors, a global group of companies, founded more than 130 years ago as a brass foundry in the North German city of Kiel.

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    Covid-19: Will helium markets ‘thread the needle’?


    Covid-19 has dominated the headlines since it first entered the picture in January 2020 and the World Health Organisation declared a pandemic on 11th March. All of our day-to-day lives have been affected and almost every business and industry has been impacted in some way.

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    Outlook for helium demand


    Roland Kuchler and Nick Snyder explained why they think global helium demand will be robust in the years ahead during the final installment of gasworld’s three-part helium webinar series sponsored by Evonik and available on

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    Quantum Design launches new helium recycling solution


    Quantum Design has introduced a new range of helium liquefiers and purifiers.

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    Helium: oversupply leads to ‘a pricing plateau’


    Helium expert Phil Kornbluth explained a likely oversupply of helium will lead to “a pricing plateau for some time” in the latest gasworld TV webinar sponsored by Evonik.

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    Fact check: Blue Star Helium and the Las Animas prospects


    Due to recurring shortages of helium and its increased commercial value, there has been an unprecedented amount of activity related to exploration for new helium sources in recent years.

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    Helium used in CNNC’s cold function test


    Compressed air and a small amount of helium have been used as the test medium for a cold functional test of China National Nuclear Corporation’s (CNNC) first reactor of the demonstration high-temperature gas-cooled reactor nuclear power demonstration project.

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    CERN: Increased cryogenic power at LHC Point 4


    A refrigerator inside CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) that cools helium from room temperature to 4.5 K (-268.65°C) has undergone major improvements in preparation for a new project.

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    Helium: Understanding the Market in 2020


    Over 200 individuals today tuned in for the return of gas world webinars, with part one of a three-part series devoted to helium market and sponsored by speciality chemicals company Evonik.

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    Helium: return of gasworld webinars to focus on helium markets


    Following their successful launch this summer when hundreds of industrial gas professionals tuned in for discussion and debate, gas world webinars return this week with a three-part series devoted to helium markets and sponsored by Evonik.

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    BLM helium sales generate $60m for American taxpayer


    The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has transferred $60m generated from the sale and auction of crude helium from the Federal Helium Reserve to the US Treasury.

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    Blue Star Helium acquires “significant” new leasing


    Blue Star Helium said it has acquired an additional 22 new leases over 34,848 gross acres within the highly prospective Las Animas region in Colorado, US.

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    DME says it has found “significant” helium percentages in Arizona


    Desert Mountain Energy (DME) on Wednesday said it has found “significant” helium percentages in two new wells in Arizona, US.

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    Helium reserves or resources?


    In recent years, due to recurring shortages of helium and its increased commercial value, there has been an unprecedented amount of activity related to exploration for new helium sources. Here, geologist and petroleum engineering expert James R. Weaver discusses the dfferences between helium reserves and resources, in an exclusive for ...

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    David Blaine flies over the Arizona Desert with helium balloons


    American illusionist David Blaine has flown over the Arizona Desert by holding approximately 50 helium balloons of varying sizes.

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    DME begins completion and testing of helium wells


    Desert Mountain Energy has announced that its completion and testing operations have commenced at its initial two wildcat helium wells in Arizona’s Holbrook Basin.

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    Lake Shore Cryotronics acquires Janis Research Laboratory Cryogenics business


    Lake Shore Cryotronics has acquired Janis Research’s Laboratory Cryogenics business — a move that unites two of the world’s leading providers of cryogenic and material characterisation solutions for low-temperature research.

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    Gardner Cryogenics: Setting the global industry standard


    Founded in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, in its almost 60 years of business, Gardner Cryogenics has today produced more than 1,900 cryogenic tanks, the first of which is still operational today.