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  • Chart massive tank iter project cropped

    Chart’s titan tanks used in world-scale fusion project


    Chart Ferox has manufactured two giant cryogenic plants to be used in the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor’s (ITER’s) project to create and control fusion.

  • phil kornbluth at gawda ac

    Exclusive: Helium update at GAWDA Atlantic City regional meeting


    Phil Kornbluth of Kornbluth Helium Consulting delivered an update on the hot-topic Helium market at the Gases and Welding Distributors Association regional meeting in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

  • Stefano marani ceo renergen and schalk venter ceo afrox

    Contract for exploitation of South Africa’s only He field


    Several major industry companies have signed an historic agreement today for the commercialisation of the Free State Helium and Natural Gas (NG) field near Welkom in South Africa.

  • Compliance, Hand using touchscreen with financial data analysis and graphs

    Air Liquide and ITER: The largest cryogenics plant


    Mastering fusion on Earth would pave the way for unlimited energy resources, such is the magnitude of its development. Controlled fusion is in fact one of the most promising paths to carbon-free energy – and precisely what the ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) project seeks to do.

  • New Jersey skyline

    Global Helium Summit 2.0 – A preview


    The Global Helium Summit 2.0 aims to understand change in the supply and demand dynamics of the helium business, both in the US and globally, over the last three years. Crucially, it also seeks to address future market expectations and questions over application developments, as our preview explains.

  • 1000th shipment leaves boc helium plant in darwin

    BOC production plants hit double milestones


    Two production plants of BOC, part of Tier One company the Linde Group, have hit significant milestones on the same day in Australia.

  • hybrid airship straightline

    Lockheed Martin receives hybrid airship order


    Straightline Aviation has signed a letter of intent to purchase up to 12 helium-filled Hybrid Airships from Lockheed Martin, at a value of up to $480 million.

  • Airlander

    BOC sponsors first flight of Airlander


    BOC, the UK and Ireland’s largest supplier of industrial gases, is sponsoring the first flight of the world’s first full sized hybrid aircraft – the Airlander.

  • Doe canyon he facility air products

    Air Products hits 100th helium milestone


    Air Products has successfully filled its 100 th helium (He) ISO container at its newest He production facility in Colorado, US.

  • Weil group saskatchewan helium facility

    Weil revives helium industry in Canada


    Weil Group Resources, LLC, plans to build a new helium (He) processing facility in Saskatchewan, Canada, are on track. The new facility will supply refined, industrial-grade He to markets throughout North America.

  • Ras gas helium plant qatar

    RasGas reaches helium delivery milestone


    RasGas Company Ltd. has recorded a helium (He) delivery milestone after delivering its 5,000 th cargo from its Helium-1 plant in Doha, Qatar.

  • Pfeiffer-125

    Pfeiffer Vacuum releases new leak detector


    Pfeiffer Vacuum, a vacuum solutions provider based in Germany, has developed a new industrial leak detection solution, with the highest performance in helium (He) and hydrogen (H 2 ).

  • Linde creates fusion fuel with w 7 x cooling technology

    Linde's groundbreaking system to help create fusion fuel


    Linde Kryotechnik, the Swiss-based cryogenic specialist and part of the Linde Group’s Engineering Division, has developed a ground-breaking refrigeration system used to cool extreme temperatures in an experiment to create fusion fuel.

  • iacx energy woodside 2 utah us helium reserve 1

    Increased Availability of Balloon Grade Helium


    With helium, the talk turns to purity and availability as Phil Kornbluth of Kornbluth Helium Consulting examines the surge of Grade 5 in the consumer market.

  • russia map

    Russia: Helium surge continues as Linde contracted by Gazprom


    The Linde Group has been selected by Gazprom Pererabotka Blagoveschchensk, and its general contractor NIPIgas, as the licenser for cryogenic gas separation technology at the Amur Gas Processing Plant (Amur GPP), in the far east of Russia.

  • Helium conditioning equipment, DEMACO valve box

    An introduction to...Helium conditioning equipment


    Helium is well known as a lifting gas in party balloons, but it has many more serious applications, such as in superconducting magnets, laser applications, leak detection, scientific equipment, gas-cooled reactors (GCR), and many more. The LHe equipment behind these research projects comes with its own challenges

  • Helium gas tank

    Helium: A market update


    As has typically been the case, the helium business continues to be one of the more interesting sectors of the industrial gas business. Here, Phil Kornbluth provides an update on the helium market in 2016 and, potentially, beyond.

  • helium in electronics

    Helium in electronics


    Until 10 years ago, helium usage in electronics manufacturing was relatively low and semiconductor factories, which process thousands of silicon wafers per day, were supplied using helium cylinders or bundles of cylinders. Here, Linde’s Dr. Paul Stockman discusses the evolution in helium usage in the electronics business.

  • Helium leak testing, CTS, 2016

    Helium leak testing with helium recovery


    Shortages in the helium supply and its rising cost have been widely known issues for those working in industries using helium as a process/trace gas. Due to its rising cost, helium users have considered spending money to retrofit their machinery to use other process gases or invest for future savings ...


    Praxair raises prices for air gases, hydrogen and helium


    Following up on a recent increase in CO2 price, Praxair announces price increases for nitrogen, oxygen, argon, hydrogen and helium, as well as a general facility fee increase, effective Jan. 1.