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    Royal Helium identifies drill targets


    Royal Helium Ltd. has completed the first phase of exploration at its Climax property in southwest Saskatchewan, Canada, and identified drill targets for primary helium production.

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    Lease secured for Big Star helium exploration project


    Big Star Energy Ltd. has acquired its first oil and gas lease in an area prospective for helium in the US.

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    Renergen signs $40m loan agreement


    Alternative and renewable energy business Renergen has today signed a $40m loan agreement with the US Government’s development finance institution.

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    Exclusive: Renergen discusses Virginia Gas Project


    Alternative and renewable energy business Renergen has appointed EPCM Bonisana as the engineering, procurement and contraction (EPC) contractor for its Virginia Gas Project.

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    Researchers use helium to conduct solar wind study


    A study conducted by the University of Wisconsin has used helium to help mimick solar winds in the lab. Affecting nearly everything in the solar system, the sun’s solar winds can disrupt the function of the Earth’s satellites.

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    Helium Shortage 3.0


    As gasworld has not reported on the status of Helium Shortage 3.0 since its March 2019 edition, it seems timely to provide an update on the current state of global helium supply and the outlook going forward.

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    Linde starts up new plant


    Linde today said it has started up a new air separation plant in China.

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    Royal Helium steps up exploration


    Royal Helium Ltd. is set to step up its helium exploration programme in Saskatchewan, Canada, and is in talks with “several” major companies to be a processing partner.

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    BLM making progress toward privatisation of helium assets


    The US General Services Administration’s (GSA) William Morgan has provided an update on the status of the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) efforts to dispose of its helium assets.

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    Air Products played vital role in Moon landing


    One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind and another major step in the history of Air Products UK.

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    SpaceX investigates faulty valve


    SpaceX is investigating the possibility that a leaky valve caused its Crew Dragon spacecraft capsule to explode on a test stand at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, US, in April.

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    This month in 1977: the first ever MRI scan


    The “catalyst for tremendous growth in demand for helium”, this month marks 42 years since the first ever MRI scan.

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    Man on the Moon


    This July marks 50 years since man first stepped on the Moon. gas world pays homage to this truly incredible moment for mankind, as well as the amazing feats of science, engineering and industrial gas application, in a celebratory interview with NASA.

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    Necessity is the mother of invention


    Noble Helium is driving critical new helium exploration efforts. Chairman Walter Jennings and founder and CEO Justyn Wood explain why fledgling Australian helium explorer Noble Helium has the passion, and increasingly the people, to deliver, in an interview with Rob Cockerill.

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    Getting man to Mars


    No other planet has captured our collective imagination quite like Mars. In the late 1800s when people first observed the canal-like features on Mars’ surface, many speculated that an intelligent alien species lived there. This led to numerous stories about Martians, some of whom invade Earth, like in the 1938 ...

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    In focus… MRI technologies


    The first MRI scan of a human took place in 1977, a method of imaging diagnostics that has developed so rapidly that it is now found in almost every major hospital in developed economies. 

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    Preview: Man on the Moon


    This July marks 50 years since man first stepped on the Moon. gas world pays homage to this truly incredible moment for mankind, as well as the amazing feats of science, engineering and industrial gas application, in a celebratory interview with NASA.

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    Renergen raises AUS$10m for South African project


    Alternative and renewable energy business Renergen has raised AUS$10m ($7m) in a secondary listing on Australia’s stock exchange.

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    The impact of helium shortages on critical research


    Scientists in the US are concerned about helium supply and its impact on the progress of important cryogenic research projects and medical applications.

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    Cryogenic Cluster Day 2019 review


    As a result of gradually diminishing helium production capacity, the lack of new helium capacity coming into the market and renewed growth in helium demand, the world is currently experiencing the third shortage of helium since 2006.