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    Ukraine war: Impact on industrial gas markets


    Now more one full month into the war in Ukraine and with the conflict having escalated significantly in the last fortnight, the impact on trade, economies and the world as a whole is widespread.

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    Natural gas pricing and hydrogen


    H2 View’s George Heynes explores the sustained high natural gas prices and what impact, positive or negative, this might have on the hydrogen (energy) transition.

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    Russian invasion of Ukraine will impact future helium supply


    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has dominated the news in recent days and the eventual outcome of the Ukraine crisis remains very uncertain. It is too early to know how things will turn out, but we do know that there will be an impact upon the global helium business and here ...

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    Membrane gas separation for CCUS


    Cost-effective capture of CO2 emissions, as explained for gasworld by Stephen B. Harrison, Managing Director of sbh4 consulting.

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    Myanmar: From growth hotspot to civil war


    Myanmar’s two largest cities – Yangon and Mandalay – were reportedly a vision of uncharacteristic emptiness earlier this week as the public apparently defied the threats of the military junta and stayed at home in an act of peaceful protest. Myanmar has been under military control since February 2021. What ...

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    Decarbonising the economy: No-regrets pathways to hydrogen


    Wayne Bridger, Decarbonisation & Hydrogen Applications at BOC UK & Ireland, explains why there are high hopes for hydrogen and the role it can play in decarbonising our economy, as COP26 continues and the focus for the day turns to energy.

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    CO2: Why the UK Govt had to subsidise fertiliser production


    No sooner had it started, it appears to be almost over. Was this the shortest-lived CO2 ‘crisis’ yet?

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    CO2: UK government strikes deal to restart CO2 production


    The UK government has struck a deal with fertiliser firm CF Industries - a major carbon dioxide supplier - to restart production at two of its plants to ease fears of a CO2 shortage in the UK, according to reports.

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    CO2 shortages: How did we get here again?


    Fresh carbon dioxide (CO2) shortages could be set to emerge in the UK in the weeks ahead, and the impact will be seen across the key end-user applications.

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    Digitisation and data integrity in medical gases


    Rob Cockerill explores the ever-increasing world of digitisation in medical gases, and the critical importance of data integrity in this future-proofed area of healthcare.

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    Gas analysis in medical gas production


    High-purity gases – particularly oxygen – play a vital role in healthcare. As a result, so too does the world of medical gas analysis, as Servomex explains in an exclusive feature for gasworld.

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    On the frontline in a global medical emergency


    A perspective from GCE Healthcare of being on the frontline in a global medical emergency.

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    Beyond Covid: Medical oxygen


    Rob Cockerill explains why recent commitments to improved access for all to medical oxygen are such a breakthrough – not just during this Covid-19 pandemic, but in a world far beyond it.

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    Oxygen enriched burners, CO2 utilisation and mineralisation


    Technologies to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from cement and concrete in focus, with Stephen B. Harrison.

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    Spotlight on cryogenics


    Why Covid-19 has thrown the spotlight on cryogenics and heightened the focus on opportunities in pharmaceuticals, by Fabian Van Damme, Director of Dohmeyer. 

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    Gas analysis in the circular economy


    ABB’s Stephen Gibbons explores how high quality, high accuracy measurement technologies for gas analysis are playing a crucial role across the value chain, while helping to facilitate the transition towards low and zero carbon industrial operations.

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    Exclusive: Oxygen now part of public health architecture


    We were woefully unprepared to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, and the oxygen industry now needs to accept that it’s part of the public health architecture of the world, says Leith Greenslade of the Every Breath Counts Coalition.

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    Air Liquide, Linde join major medical oxygen initiative


    Unitaid and the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) have in the last 12 hours announced unprecedented agreements with Air Liquide and Linde, respectively, for improved access to medical oxygen.

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    GCE’s global collaborative response to Covid-19


    As global preparations for the coronavirus (Covid-19) response reached their peak, concerns began to emerge over the ability of existing liquid oxygen system’s ability to vaporize and supply sufficient oxygen to fulfil exponentially increasing demand.

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    Hot Topic: Responding to coronavirus


    Like something out of a Hollywood blockbuster, the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) has spread across the globe since it was first detected in December in the Chinese city of Wuhan.