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gasworld US edition is a monthly publication that reports on and supports the industrial gas business in North America. Reaching 4,000 industrial gas professionals, with a third of those being CEOs, presidents, or vice-presidents, we truly are the industry’s go-to publication for all the latest news, interviews and market intelligence across this region.

Our experienced journalists and expert Editorial Advisory Board ensure we’re able to give our subscribers the most accurate and up-to-date news and insight. This includes the “Specialty Gas Zone” – a quarterly addition to our US magazine that focuses on specialty gases among North American gas distributors.

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Rob Cockerill, Global Content Director

Christian Annesley, US Editor


Jonny Ridd, Global Head of Sales
Oliver Watson, US Account Executive


Matt Titheridge, Head of Subscriptions


Address and Telephone

Head Office
Trevissome Park
Blackwater, Truro

Tel: +44 1872 225031

Latest Issue
Issue gasworld US Edition, Vol 61, No 02 (February) – Air gases & medical

Air gases and ASUs lie at the heart of the industrial gases industry, but ASUs are big energy consumers. Our cover story this month explores the extent to which renewables can play a growing role...
Issue gasworld US Edition, Vol 61, No 01 (January) – New trends

In 2022 the CHIPS and Science Act confirmed incentives to reshore more of the manufacture of advanced semiconductors. Now those US investments are starting to be made, what does the future hold and how will...
Issue gasworld US Edition, Vol 60, No 12 (December) – Food and Beverage

The food and beverage industry is a crucial consumer of industrial gases. Our dedicated issue explores developments from aquaculture to dry ice to nitrogen dosing.
Issue US Edition, Vol 60, No 11 – Clean Fuels Issue

The energy revolution is in full swing, but there’s more to come. The passing into law this year of the Inflation Reduction Act promises to move the dial on hydrogen in particular, but LNG and...
Issue Issue 210 October 2022 – Future Industry

Looking through the lens of tomorrow’s growth: this month our focus is on the future industry and applications that we can see today – from the decentralisation of supply chains to digitisation and even our...
Issue gasworld US Edition, Vol 60, No 10 (October) – Digitization & Distributors

Where are the key trends and touchpoints in the US distributor business and the interconnected digital transformation? This month, gasworld keeps your finger on the pulse on all things distributor and digitization, inside.
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