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gasworld US edition is a monthly publication that reports on and supports the industrial gas business in North America. Reaching 4,000 industrial gas professionals, with a third of those being CEOs, presidents, or vice-presidents, we truly are the industry’s go-to publication for all the latest news, interviews and market intelligence across this region.

Our experienced journalists and expert Editorial Advisory Board ensure we’re able to give our subscribers the most accurate and up-to-date news and insight. This includes the “Specialty Gas Zone” – a quarterly addition to our US magazine that focuses on specialty gases among North American gas distributors.

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Rob Cockerill, Global Content Director

Christian Annesley, US Editor


Jonny Ridd, Global Head of Sales
Oliver Watson, US Account Executive


Matt Titheridge, Head of Subscriptions


Address and Telephone

Head Office
Trevissome Park
Blackwater, Truro

Tel: +44 1872 225031

Latest Issue
Issue gasworld US Edition, Vol 60, No 09 (September) – Equipment Issue

They may once again be dominating headlines and creating conundrums for brewers, but CO2 shortages are not just underlining the fizz in beverages – they highlight the critical role of equipment in making supply chains...
gasworld US Edition, Vol 60, No 08 (August) – Helium

Helium, helium, helium. In the face of continued tight supply, geopolitical uncertainties and greater diversification in supply as a whole, the helium heatmap across North America is increasingly lit up like never before.
gasworld US Edition, Vol 60, No 07 (July) – Packaged Gases

Front and center of our discussion this month, as our cover alludes, is the packaged gases business in North America. From case studies and updates in safety to growth expectations and the training and technologies...
gasworld US Edition, Vol 60, No 06 (June) – Hydrogen Issue

The US is on the road to the new hydrogen-fueled utopia, and it’s a journey that’s picking up pace as Texas strives to challenge California as the leading clean energy state moving forward. What do...
gasworld US Edition, Vol 60, No 05 (May) – Specialty Gases & Supply Chain

Are we seeing weak links in the supply chain exposed right now? If you’re in the helium business, or in rare gases, then your answer is probably yes. Geopolitics is causing choas, while there are...
gasworld US Edition, Vol 60, No 04 (April) – CO2 Issue

Innovative technologies that put recycled CO2 to work – for a cleaner, healthier planet.
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