Energy industry construction solution specialist McDermott will work together with the Australia-based Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) to advance the opportunities presented by carbon capture technologies.

Intended for energy and heavy industry applications including hard-to-abate sectors, the collaboration aims to utilise McDermott’s experience working on over 200 carbon capture and carbon separation projects and CSIRO’s recent efforts in direct air capture (DAC) and post-combustion carbon capture. 

Stating that carbon capture is ‘fundamental’ to achieving a net-zero future, Samik Mukherjee, Executive Vice President, COO, added, “We welcome the opportunity to work with CSIRO to advance scalable, flexible carbon capture solutions for industrial and energy applications.” 

CSIRO’s work in the carbon capture sector has seen the company partner with Australia’s largest domestic gas supplier Santos on carbon dioxide (CO2)-reduction technologies.