Air Liquide company Alizent and connectivity specialist Sigfox have created a global partnership to maximise the benefits of Internet of Things (IoT) in industries across all sectors.

Under the collaboration, the partners will combine their respective technologies and capabilities to provide monitoring and tracking solutions of industrial assets on a global basis. Both agree that Industry 4.0 is one of the main growth paths driving the development of IoT.

The partnership is already working on and exploring opportunities in Europe and the US. For example, Tier One player Air Liquide is piloting Alizent’s tracking solution combined with Sigfox’s connectivity abilities to track its gas cylinders and monitor its carbon dioxide (CO2) tanks.

The scheme will collect accurate data from the company’s fleet of returnable containers and offer insights into the value chain as we all provide real-time inventories to customers.

The partners have also installed tracking devices in 300 oxygen (O2) cylinders in one of the largest hospitals in Texas. During this pilot phase, the hospital confirmed it had noticed reduced cylinder losses and rental fees for customers.

Vincent Sabot, Vice-President Sales Europe of Sigfox, said that partnerships like this “illustrates that the IoT space opens up new and exciting opportunities for industries,” with Alizent Managing Director Alexis Duret adding, “We believe that connecting all industrial assets will generate valuable data for our customers.”

“Sigfox, through its unique technology and global network services, support and pricing, combined with Alizent proven ability and rare mix of industrial and technological skills, enables the connection of a whole new range of industrial assets for our clients,” Duret explained.

Alizent is a fully-owned affiliate of Air Liquide. This year, the company combined its three companies (Air Liquide Services, Athelia and Keops) under one brand to optimise its technological and industrial expertise globally.