Yesterday, Emerson Climate Technologies introduced an automated gas pressure delivery solution for commercial and industrial facilities.

The solution features variable speed Copeland Scroll® compressor technology and according to Emerson, can be rapidly deployed and installed.

The device is designed to meet the needs of industrial and commercial facilities that require higher gas supply pressure than is available from adjacent gas utility pipelines or conventional onsite tank systems.

The system features standardised equipment assemblies, configured for the specific application. Pressure and flow control systems are integrated to match specific site or process operating conditions. Since many applications require constant discharge pressure as high as 150-200 psig, independent of the flow condition or demand change.

Mark McCormick, Director for Gas Compression at Emerson Climate Technologies commented, “Natural gas has long been prized as a clean, efficient fuel and recent production technology advancements have made it an abundant and cost-effective energy resource.”

He added, “Emerson is successfully applying its Copeland Scroll compressor technology not only in natural gas distribution, but in various utility and industrial gas applications, such as well as helium and nitrogen delivery and recovery.”