In a bid to drive hygiene and safety standards forward in the food packaging industry, Air Products has released a new gas cylinder with in-built barrier technology.

Developed specifically for use in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) applications, the Freshline® Plus cylinder has an antimicrobial coating, which has been designed to minimise the risk of contamination in food processing areas. The coating inhibits the growth of microbes, bacteria and mould on the cylinder’s surface.

Michelle Jackson, European MAP Manager at Air Products explained, “Backed by more than 50 years experience in the field of food, Air Products has worked with food manufacturers and packaging companies to develop enhanced solutions that fulfil the latest traceability and food safety regulations. This new cylinder represents an important step forward that brings the industry extra peace of mind.”

“The built-in features of the new cylinder are specifically designed to minimise the risk of contamination in the food production environment, regardless of how many times the cylinders are handled or used. Using the new cylinders gives the food processor the assurance that the gas products they are using are pure at the point of use,” added Jackson.

Interested parties will have an opportunity to see the Freshline® Plus at this year’s FoodEx 2012 which will take place at the NEC in Birmingham between 25 - 27th March.