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Praxair-Linde merger off the table

12 September 2016By

The Praxair, Inc. and Linde AG story will not be going full circle anytime soon, after both companies announced the termination of talks over a potential merger.

  • LNG ship and Duncan Gaskin IOM Sept16

    Going with the flow in LNG

    7 September 2016By , published in gasworld magazine

    Duncan Gaskin, Market Development Manager, discusses the LNG marketplace, how LNG is not quite on the resuscitation table in the US just yet, and why the company is in calmer waters in the marine side of the business right now.

  • Sysadvance head quarters

    Sysadvance – Gas purification and engineering solutions

    7 October 2016By , published in gasworld magazine

    Sysadvance is a technology-based company, developing and manufacturing equipments for gas generation and purification as well as supplying integrated solutions for gases and compressed air. Its current product portfolio integrates nitrogen and oxygen generators, medical oxygen 93 generators, biogas upgrading systems, oxygen VSA generators, helium, hydrogen and sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) ...

  • Pulp and Paper VPSA plants, Nitrogen

    An introduction to...VPSA plants

    7 October 2016By , published in gasworld magazine

    PSA (pressure swing adsorption) plants are on the rise, globally. Capable of producing gases in the range of 90-96% purity and generally boasting more mobility and lower energy intensity, these systems are often the most cost-effective means of production for smaller scale gas generation applications.

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