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    Numerous challenges in helium exploration


    A decade’s worth of news stories on helium shortages and prices have led to a migration of oil gas exploration and production companies (E P) into the helium development space. For any newcomer, there is plenty of romance with helium. Its scarcity, rising prices and high-tech applications have ...


    Belief in the Ladder of success


    Durell Johnson’s career has come full circle. Twenty years after ending his association with the Ladder Creek Helium Plant, Johnson began 2020 as its new owner. Far from seeing it as a sentimental step back, Johnson has returned to complete a vision of making Ladder Creek one of the most ...

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    Turning reserves into reliable supply


    It is an exciting time for North American Helium (NAH), but for CEO and Chairman Nick Snyder the focus is to make the upstream helium exploration and production business “boring”.

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    Outlook for helium in microelectronics in Covid-19 era


    The economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been devasting to the global economy. During most recessions the more typical or normal behaviour is for consumers to cut spending on discretionary items including technology goods and for businesses to delay investment in new PCs, equipment, to conserve cash and wait ...

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    SEPURAN® Membranes


    Since the beginning of the Helium Shortage 3.0, specialty chemicals group Evonik has seen increasing interest in membranes for helium purification, especially in Canada and the US.

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    Helium logistics


    Founded in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, in its almost 60 years of business, Gardner Cryogenics has produced more than 1,900 cryogenic tanks, the first of which is still operational today.

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    Helium mobile pipeline


    Historically, steel tube trailers have been the only choice for transporting bulk quantities of compressed gasses. However, advances in composite technologies have made it possible to utilise composite cylinders that are considerably lighter than Type-I tube trailers. Steel tube trailers limit operational efficiencies due to the weight of the cylinders ...

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    On the 112th anniversary of the first liquefaction of helium by the great Dutch physicist Heike Kamerlingh Onnes at the University of Leiden, Quantum Design (QD), together with other cryogenic instrumentation companies and scientific institutions around the world, celebrated 10th July as ‘Helium Conservation Day’. While it might be tempting ...

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    Helium swings from tight supply to surplus


    Helium supply remained tight for the past two years until mid-March when across the globe countries went into lockdown to rein in the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), causing a global recession.

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    Covid-19: Will helium markets ‘thread the needle’?


    Covid-19 has dominated the headlines since it first entered the picture in January 2020 and the World Health Organisation declared a pandemic on 11th March. All of our day-to-day lives have been affected and almost every business and industry has been impacted in some way.

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    100 years of Den Hartogh


    From a small transport business in the Netherlands to a worldwide logistics provider, Den Hartogh is celebrating 100 years of business in 2020. The bulk logistics service provider for the chemical, gas, polymer and food industry today has a presence in every region of the world with more than 1,800 ...

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    In focus… LNG ISO tanks


    With so many sizes, ranges and technology types available, there are hundreds of thousands of ISO tanks in circulation around the world today, playing a fundamental role in the industries they ship product in. An ISO tank is a generic term used for a standardised, reusable shipping module that provides ...

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    Future-driven LNG fuelling solutions


    LNG continues to gain traction as a cleaner alternative to diesel in the transportation sector. LNG technology developer LIQAL is perfectly positioned to embrace this market momentum as it expands its operations across Europe, and here it shares its insights into the LNG market make-up in Europe in 2020 – ...

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    Turning up the heat in LNG


    Discussing a step up in heat exchanger solutions with Watlow, by Rob Cockerill.

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    IMO 2020 – A new wave in LNG?


    At the turn of the year, I had written about five key areas to watch out for in the global industrial gases business, from the economic climate through to digitisation and the clean energies transition. The industry is simultaneously challenged by these dynamics and takes opportunities in driving them forward. ...

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    LNG by rail creates fresh opportunities


    Chart Industries CEO Jill Evanko told gasworld in recent months that the company will expand its railcar business after the bulk transportation of liquefied natural gas (LNG) by rail was authorised in the US.

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    LNG markets – Mixed fortunes in 2020


    It’s been a big and yet mixed year for LNG. On the one hand, it was hoped that 2020 would be a cornerstone year for LNG as one of many fuelling options available to help the maritime sector navigate the choppy new waters of IMO 2020.

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    CO2 supply: shortages remain


    How has the food and beverage industry been impacted by tight supplies of carbon dioxide?

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    Has CO2 industry lost its fizz?


    Sam A Rushing, President of Advanced Cryogenics, Ltd answers the key questions around this year’s CO 2 shortages

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    Nitro trend


    Increasing numbers of nitrogenated beverages are on the market… what does this mean for CO 2 ?