Specialty Gas Report

  • Q3 2014 It's All in the Triangle Image 1

    It’s All in the Triangle…


    Achieving accurate and repeatable low-level moisture analysis in the specialty gas industry while minimizing analysis instrument maintenance is a challenge many laboratory analysis equipment suppliers have tried to meet over the years with a number of different technologies. It is now clear that Tunable Laser Diode Spectroscopy (TLDS) has emerged ...

  • Q3 Spotlight on Helium feature image

    Spotlight on Helium: A Growing International Shortage


    Helium is one of the most abundant elements in the universe, second only to hydrogen, and is found in every star including our sun. In fact, helium was first discovered in the sun during a solar eclipse in 1868 and gets its name from the Greek sun god, Helios. Despite ...

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    The Importance of Properly Sealing Threaded Connections for Hazardous Gases and Liquids


    When storing and transporting cylinders, especially those containing flammable or corrosive liquids and gases, leak-tight seals are of critical importance. As any distributor of packaged gases can attest, a number of problems arise when a cylinder is found to leak. It can be dangerous to both the customer and those ...

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    The Perfect Order


    The Intersection of Customer Desire and the Almost Possible Rising Customer Expectations Customers have become accustomed to one-click, nearly instant gratification. It is tempting to believe that the specialty gas industry is somehow immune to this cultural “Amazon effect.” Because our products have technical applications, long lead-times, rigid quality criteria, ...

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    Handling and Storage of High Pressure Gas Cylinders


    High pressure gas and portable cryogenic liquid cylinders present hazards in numerous areas. For many gases there are hazards associated with chemical composition of the gases in the cylinder. Then there are the physical hazards associated with high pressure and liquid cylinders due to their size and weight. It is ...

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    Getting It Right: Factors that Determine the Quality and Accuracy of Calibration Gas Mixtures


    My team and I travel around the country studying the needs of various companies that use specialty gas calibration mixtures. As we work with these companies to tailor solutions to eliminate their specific ongoing problems, we find that we encounter many of the same issues at each facility, despite the ...

  • Business deal merger statistics

    Two new acquisitions for Tech Air


    Tech Air, a Connecticut-based distributor of industrial, medical, and specialty gases, and related welding supplies, announced that it has acquired US Oxygen Supply (US Oxygen) of Arlington, Texas, and Specialty Air Technologies (SAT) of Long Beach, California. Tech Air is owned by CI Capital Partners and Tech Air ...

  • JM Science's new AQ-300

    AQ-300 from JM Science


    JM Science’s AQUACOUNTER ® Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator (AQ-300) is an easy-to-use coulometric titrator that has six built-in calculation modes to accommodate solid, liquid, and gas samples

  • SGR News

    New Analyzer from METTLER TOLEDO


    As a critical part of many quality control procedures, particularly in the food industry, METTLER TOLEDO’s new HE53 halogen moisture analyzer provides reliable moisture results in just a few minutes, giving companies maximum control over their manufacturing processes and optimum product quality.

  • Natalie Hampton

    Hampton new GM at Turbinesinc-Odessa


    Turbines, Inc. has appointed Natalie Hampton to the position of General Manager at Turbinesinc-Odessa, LLC, located in West Texas.