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    Selecting on-site gas mixers for welding shield gases


    A common application for on-site gas mixing is creation of shield gas mixtures for welding. An on-site gas mixer may be used for one welder or hundreds of welders. On-site gas mixing allows the user to control the gas mixture from a single point; gas mixers with gas analysers improve ...

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    Telemetry innovations for gas users and suppliers


    The gas industry began using telemetry several years ago when suppliers developed technology for monitoring pressure differential in bulk gas systems. Having remote access to information provided great advantages to customers and suppliers, but there has been a hesitancy in some circles to embrace telemetry, perhaps because of unease about ...

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    Help is at hand


    Faced with changing demographics over the last decade where buyers are shifting to online shopping, further accelerated by our current global pandemic, the Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative (IWDC) is offering its members a way to improve their e-commerce strategy.

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    Meeting demands, staying innovative


    For Harris Products Group, a Lincoln Electric company, 2020 was a strong year for its specialty gas sector with an increased demand for products such as its changeover systems. In the last 12 months, Harris also provided critical help in setting up temporary hospitals to treat overspill patients suffering from ...

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    Evonik introduces three new natural refrigerants


    Evonik has introduced three hydrocarbon-based gases to its European customers.

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    Pfeiffer Vacuum introduces new turbopumps


    Pfeiffer Vacuum has introduced new turbopumps, especially dedicated for applications like mass spectrometry, electron-microscopy, metrology tools, particle accelerators and plasma physics.

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    Remote POC monitoring


    Since the introduction of portable oxygen concentrators (POC) in the 1970s, patients with respiratory issues have experienced a dramatic improvement in the quality of life. There has been a marked increase in people diagnosed with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder) and, consequently, the market for POCs is expected to hit ...

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    IWDC meets ‘demand for technical information’ with webinars


    The Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative (IWDC) recently held its PurityPlus Operational Excellence Webinar Series, which offered IWDC members a chance to refresh skills in basic and advanced operational techniques.

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    A-Gas introduces onsite temperature testing


    A-Gas has introduced onsite temperature testing for staff in a bid to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic.

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    A-Gas expands into Italy


    Specialty chemical and gases management expert A-Gas is expanding its recovery and reclamation offering in Italy.

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    Hine wins engineering contract for high-pressure laboratory


    Switzerland-based Hine has won the engineering contract for the University of Zurich’s new high-pressure laboratory in Irchel.

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    Atlas Copco buys Ehrler and Beck


    Atlas Copco is buying German vacuum equipment and services distributor Ehrler and Beck.

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    Linde and Samsung Electronics sign second long-term agreement


    Linde has entered into a long-term agreement with Samsung Electronics to supply ultra-high purity industrial gases for the South Korean tech giant’s latest semiconductor facilities in Pyeongtaek, South Korea.

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    Silicon wafer shipments set to increase


    Global silicon wafer shipments are set to increase 2.4% year-over-year in 2020 according to electronics manufacturing industry association SEMI, in what will be a boost for the specialty gas sector.

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    Linx Consulting to host online Electronic Specialty Gas Conference


    Linx Consulting will hold its online Electronic Specialty Gas Conference on Tuesday, 13 th October through Thursday, 15 th October.

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    Servomex awarded two CQC contracts by Micron


    Gas analyst specialist Servomex has been selected for two major Continuous Quality Control (CQC) contracts by Micron Tech, a US-based semiconductor company specialising in computer memory and data storage.

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    A-Gas to give keynote speech at Chillventa 2020


    As an industry faced with environmental pressures, and one that operates under a quota mechanism, A-Gas’s European Sales Director Marco Pepi will explain why the UK company is focusing on refrigerant reclamation as a way to help reduce carbon emissions and protect the planet at an event next month.

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    Maintaining stability in the US specialty gases market


    What are the challenges and opportunities in the North American specialty gas containment industry, and what impact has the pandemic had?

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    Safety and longevity in specialty gases


    Why high pressure and even higher performance are second nature at Sherwood Valve.

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    MOFs and a framework for growth


    Did you know that metal-organic frameworks, MOFs for short, have the largest surface area of any materials known? Just one gram of MOFs can offer a surface area of about 10,000m2. To put that into perspective, if you laid out the available surface area in a teaspoon of this material, ...