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Climeworks partners with Svante Technologies on DAC

Climeworks and Svante Technologies are to collaborate on carbon dioxide (CO2) removal projects as part of efforts to step up Direct Air Capture (DAC) hubs in the US.

Climeworks is working on three DAC proposals, Project Cypress in Louisiana, California Direct Air Capture Hub and Prairie Compass DAC Hub in North Dakota.

Claude Letourneau, President and CEO of Svante, said delivering large-scale DAC requires collaboration with flexibility on developing project specifications.

He said, “We’ve been closely collaborating with Climeworks over the past three years, and because of that proximity, we felt comfortable entering into this kind of arrangement. The combination of our advanced technologies represents a significant step forward in the nascent direct air capture industry, playing a critical role in meeting the world’s Net Zero ambitions.”

Svante is in the final stages of building its commercial filter manufacturing facility, The Centre of Excellence for Carbon Capture and Removal, in Vancouver.

The Centre is equipped to supply both the industrial point source post-combustion carbon capture market and the DAC market.

Svante prepared for the event where the agreement with Climeworks takes up a significant portion of the Centre’s capacity and has secured additional coating capacity with its partner, 3M.

Last October, gasworld reported that Svante Technologies and Storegga will partner on the development of multiple CCUS projects globally (click here).

According to Climeworks’ analysis, in order for the technology to gain widespread and timely adoption, the cost of Direct Air Capture and Storage technology must fall from $800 or more per tonne of CO2 today to $200 or below per tonne by 2050, and preferably earlier.

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