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    Ukraine receives 100 oxygen concentrators


    A delivery of more than 100 oxygen concentrators, funded by the European Union and procured by the World Health Organisation, have arrived in Ukraine.

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    Medical facilities in Donetsk Oblast receive vital oxygen equipment


    Eighteen hospitals in Donetsk Oblast have received oxygen equipment that will help improve the health of severely ill patients, including those with Covid-19.

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    Five fatalities from gas misuse


    Five fatalities have been reported in Eastern Europe during the last week due to gas misuse.

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    Regional markets – Focus on Eastern Europe


    In this month’s regional market series, gas world Business Intelligence focuses on Eastern Europe. The region has experienced better growth than its Western neighbour, chiefly due to the fact many more emerging markets are found in the East.

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    Created by nature, upgraded by Cryoin


    Cryoin Engineering is one of the leading global manufacturers of rare gases, as Joanna Sampson learns in an interview with Director Larisa Bondarenko.

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    Cryoin Engineering – A new player in UHP rare gases


    Cryoin Engineering Ltd. (Odessa, Ukraine) is one of the leading global manufacturers of rare gases – neon, krypton, xenon and helium from the air (as a by-product of neon production) – as well as gas mixtures on the basis of rare gases and stable isotopes of neon.

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    Air Liquide stops operations in Ukraine


    Air Liquide is no longer able to continue its remaining activities in Ukraine.

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    Regional markets – Focus on Eastern Europe


    Last month gas world explored the gas industries of Western Europe, where economic uncertainty prevails in the midst of a number of largely political dynamics. Here we turn to Eastern Europe, where a similar outlook exists, albeit for different, geo-political reasons.

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    Exploring Europe’s industrial gas market


    In the build up to the Europe Industrial Gas Conference 2016, and to coincide with the publication of its updated European industrial gas reports and dashboard series, gasworld Business Intelligence highlights the key trends that have emerged over the past year.

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    Regional markets: Focus on Eastern Europe and Caucausus


    As our previous reports on the Western Europe and Central Europe markets have elucidated, Europe is a region in the midst of a complex chain of challenges both political and economic.

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    CENTRAVIS go-ahead for MENA LNG projects


    Approval has been granted for tube and pipe producing company CENTRAVIS to supply stainless steel pipes to the Middle East’s Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Co, Ltd. (ADGAS).

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    Certification grant leads to business increase prediction


    Centravis, a leading global supplier of high quality solutions in the segment of seamless stainless tubes, has received VdTUV 418 certification, confirming the company’s steel duplex tubes are being produced in accordance with German industrial standards.

  • Compliance is an important subject where CO2 emissions are concerned.

    ACP to invest in CO2 recovery unit


    The carbon dioxide recovery unit will be installed in Odessa, Ukraine, at OPP’s ammonia production plant – with an annual CO 2 recovery goal of 100,000 tonnes.

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    Steady market growth expected for CENTRAVIS


    According to independent research data CENTRAVIS increased its global market share to 4.2%. Also the company achieved satisfactory results in Q1/2015.

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    Regional markets: Focus on Eastern Europe


    May 2015 seems an appropriate time to explore the industrial gases business in Eastern Europe. Little over a year since both political and military fighting erupted in eastern Ukraine, few could have foreseen quite how deep this conflict could run.