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    Europe’s unshackling from Russian gas


    As the tendrils of Russia’s military might continue to tighten their stranglehold on neighbouring Ukraine, more countries are boycotting the supply of one of Russia’s biggest exports by increasing energy independence. 


    The impact on rare gases due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine


    As you most likely are aware, the rare gases krypton, xenon, and neon are by-products of very large air separation plants (ASU). These ASU’s are almost all attached to steel mills. With this said, adding capacity quickly is not realistic. It takes 1-3 years to add capacity and can only ...

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    Impact of Ukrainian steelmakers on medical oxygen domestic market during COVID-19


    Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for medical oxygen has increased worldwide. Oxygen has become a strategic resource to save people’s lives. Ukraine is no exception. In particular, it is confirmed by assessments of gasworld’s Business Intelligence department, whose research revealed that Ukraine’s medical oxygen demand more ...


    Ukraine war: The impact on rare gases


    As you most likely are aware, the rare gases krypton, xenon, and neon are by-products of very large air separation plants (ASU). These ASU’s are almost all attached to steel mills.

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    Impact of Russia-Ukraine war on steel production and supply chains


    The Russian invasion of Ukraine came as an unprecedented shock for the local steel industry. Most Ukrainian steel plants suspended their operations and set the equipment to the hot conservation mode, the issue of safety came first. Steel plants cannot work during shell, which poses a threat to the lives ...

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    BCGA updates members on Ukraine support


    Following enquiries made by concerned members, the British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) has provided details of where BCGA members can access advice and support as the situation continues to escalate.

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    Ukraine war: Impact on industrial gas markets


    Now more one full month into the war in Ukraine and with the conflict having escalated significantly in the last fortnight, the impact on trade, economies and the world as a whole is widespread.

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    Ammonia: Russia-Ukraine blowback on market expected


    As the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues to escalate, wider impacts are being seen across a range of global markets including crude oil, food staples such as wheat and oilseeds, and the computer chip industry – a main consumer of neon, of which Russia and Ukraine are a majority supplier.

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    Air Products clarifies business position in Russia


    Air Products has today (21st March) said it will implement the safe and responsible divestiture of its business in Russia and will not pursue any new business development activities in the country.

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    Linde confirms suspension of new business in Russia


    Following reports in Germany yesterday of Linde’s suspension of new business in Russia, the company has confirmed it is ‘safely winding down’ affected projects in Russia and has suspended all business development for new projects in the country.

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    Oxymat delivers medical oxygen to Ukraine as shortages persist


    As the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues to escalate, Danish on-site gas generation company Oxymat is answering the call issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to deliver medical oxygen to help alleviate shortages in Ukrainian hospitals.

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    Russian invasion of Ukraine will impact future helium supply


    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has dominated the news in recent days and the eventual outcome of the Ukraine crisis remains very uncertain. It is too early to know how things will turn out, but we do know that there will be an impact upon the global helium business and here ...

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    DTEK gives update on Ukraine energy systems during crisis


    One of Ukraine’s biggest energy companies, DTEK Group (DTEK), gave a weekly briefing yesterday (3rd March) on its recent efforts to sustain operations of Ukraine’s energy systems and current power-outages in parts of the country.

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    Energy group safeguarding Europe’s LNG supply


     An association of 84 companies involve in global liquefied natural gas (LNG) trade is working to ensure that a stable supply of LNG remains available as the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues to escalate.

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    DTEK provides free energy to Ukraine services during conflict


    One of Ukraine’s biggest energy companies DTEK Group (DTEK) has revealed that it will provide electricity to hospitals, army and bakeries in three regions free of charge as hostilities persist between Russia and Ukraine.

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    Oxymat freezes accounts; bans medical oxygen sales to Russia


    On-site gas generation specialist Oxymat has ceased its supply of medical oxygen provisions to Russia and Belarus, calling for companies to ‘go beyond the sanctions’ following Russia’s entry into Ukraine.

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    Ukraine ‘dangerously low’ on medical oxygen supplies


    As the crisis in Ukraine persists, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned that the country is currently running dangerously low on its supplies of medical oxygen – essential for treating a range of conditions from Covid-19 to pneumonia, sepsis and COPD to pregnancy complications and childbirth.

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    Concerns for rare gas production from Ukraine


    With a significant percentage of the world’s semiconductor-grade neon production derived from Ukraine and Eastern Europe as a whole, concerns are being raised for the stability of rare gases supply as the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues.

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    Energy security a key concern for DTEK


    As part of its goal to increase the country’s energy security, Ukraine is beginning the first stage of its preparations to join the European Association for the Cooperation of Transmission System Operators (ENTSO-E).

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    Ukraine receives 100 oxygen concentrators


    A delivery of more than 100 oxygen concentrators, funded by the European Union and procured by the World Health Organisation, have arrived in Ukraine.