Linde has today said it is pleased with the decision by the US Supreme Court declining to review the 2019 appeals court decision that affirmed Praxair Distribution, Inc.’s (PDI) right to sell a generic form of inhaled nitric oxide.

The decision ends the long-running US patent litigation with Mallinckrodt plc, and affirms the ability of PDI, a wholly owned subsidiary of Linde, to continue supplying inhaled nitric oxide.

The drug product is widely use as approved in the in US and other countries to improve oxygenation of certain groups of patients.

“Nitric oxide is truly a unique and beneficial drug,” said Ben Glazer, President of US Packaged & Specialty Gases.

“We are proud to be doing our part to support healthcare institutions around the world with a reliable, competitive and beneficial supply of nitric oxide along with our other medical gases and services.”

Linde is actively supporting doctors as they investigate the use of nitric oxide to treat coronavirus patients globally. This includes supplying nitric oxide to Massachusetts General Hospital to support a trial launched by their researchers to test the drug’s effectiveness for preventing disease progression in patients with mild to moderate disease, thereby avoiding the need for ventilation.