Carburos Metálicos, leader in the industrial and medical gases sector in Spain and part of the Air Products group, has presented its newly patented Freshline® Superfresh technology for food preservation.

The presentation was held as part of the 2017 edition of Meetingpack “Convenience: Driving Barrier Packaging Innovation”, the most important meeting in the world regarding materials and barrier packaging.

The innovative Freshline Superfresh technology prolongs shelf life after thawing. In this way, cryogenically frozen products, once thawed, have the same quality, appearance, and shelf life as refrigerated products packaged in a protective atmosphere and, in some cases, even longer.

Sonia Guri, head of Carburos Metálicos’ R&D Agri-Food and Water Treatment Group, conveyed the company’s commitment to innovation, safety and sustainability in the food sector with a presentation that was part of the ‘Latest trends in packaging systems’ session for professionals organised at Meetingpack.

“At Carburos Metálicos we are committed to innovation in the food sector, and Freshline® products respond to our values of safety and sustainability. With the advances proposed by the company, stocks management is improved, logistical process become more flexible, unexpected demand changes can be met and producers can better manage the seasonality of their raw materials,” Guri said during her presentation. “Our goal is to offer our customers solutions that guarantee the quality of their food products, preventing their deterioration, improving their durability and without compromising food safety”.

Meetingpack Carburos Metálicos

Meetingpack Carburos Metálicos