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    Five-year outlook for Japanese industry


    According to The Gas Review, to predict trends in Japanese industrial gas demand, considering upcoming movements in the main users is essential.

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    Australian-Japanese pilot project launched


    A world-first initiative which will build a pilot plant to produce hydrogen (H 2 ) from Australian brown coal for export to Japan has launched its pilot phase.

  • ballard power systems

    Ballard technology used in test of H2 boat


    Two of Ballard Power Systems’ FCveloCity®-MD 30kW modules have been successfully integrated and tested in a hybrid marine application by a consortium that includes Yanmar, National Martime Research Institute (NMRI) and Japan Ship Technology Research Association (JSTRA).

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    Nitrogen: Applications and distribution


    As the most abundant of the air gases, the markets for nitrogen in terms of production, distribution and application are well established, and are discussed here by Rob Cockerill.

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    Air Liquide opens hydrogen station


    Air Liquide Japan has completed construction of the first public ‘fixed location’ hydrogen (H 2 ) station in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, and it began operations last month.

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    SDK opens subsidiary branch in Wuhan


    Showa Denko K.K (SDK) has established a branch of its subsidiary Shanghai Showa Chemicals Co., Ltd. (SSC) in Wuhan, Hubei Province in China, aiming to strengthen its business to sell high-purity gases for electronics in China.

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    Commercial deployment for H2 forklift refuelling


    The partners of the Simplefuel® hydrogen (H 2 ) refuelling appliance – IVYS Energy Solutions and PDC Machines, along with Japanese partner Tokyo Boeki Mechanics – have announced its first commercial deployment in Japan.

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    Toyota launches fuel cell bus


    Toyota Motor Corporation has launched a production model of its fuel cell bus that aims to work “for the world and for people, is environmentally friendly, and can contribute to communities beyond its role as a mobility service”.

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    Showa Denko expands operations


    Japanese chemical company Showa Denko K.K (SDK) has expanded its capacity to produce high-purity hydrogen bromide (HBr), starting operation of its expanded HBr plant this month.

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    TNSC acquires right to sell East Siberian helium


    According to The Gas Review, on 22 nd February, Taiyo Nippon Sanso (TNSC) concluded an agreement through its US affiliate Matheson Tri-Gas with Gazprom to import and distribute helium (He) of Russian origin as the first Japanese company.

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    HORIBA wins 2018 iF Design Award


    HORIBA, an OEM of instruments and measurements systems, has won an internationally renowned design award from German design organisation iF International Forum Design GmbH.

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    Toyota accelerates use of hydrogen at its plants


    Toyota Motor Corporation has deployed 20 fuel cell forklifts, manufactured by Toyota Industries Corporation, at its Motomachi plant located in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture.

  • Hydrogen fuel filling

    Japan H2 Mobility aims to build 80 H2 stations by 2022


    Eleven Japanese companies have joined forces to help accelerate the deployment of hydrogen (H 2 ) stations for fuel cell vehicles (FCV) in Japan, pledging to build 80 H 2 stations by 2022.

  • Linde mcc signing

    MCC and Linde announce transfer of HDA technology


    The Engineering Division of The Linde Group and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) have concluded a definite agreement for transfer of MCC’s Hydrodealkylation (HDA) technology to Linde.

  • rob cockerill

    Self-change and diversification


    Air Water Inc.’s deal for TOMCO2 Systems marks the latest step in Air Water’s overseas expansion strategy, while also representing another piece of M A activity in the CO2 business and related markets – a hive of activity in recent years.

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    Air Water reveals TOMCO2 Systems acquisition


    Japan’s Air Water Inc. has announced the acquisition of US carbon dioxide (CO2) equipment manufacturer TOMCO2 Systems Company.

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    Haskel to showcase at Japan’s fuel cell expo


    Haskel will exhibit its expertise in high-pressure hydrogen (H 2 ) compression technology during the International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Expo (FC Expo).

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    Semiconductor industry grows


    Toshiba has announced an investment of YEN 1.5 trillion into 3D-NAND flash memory devices, representing the largest capital investment ever made by a single corporation of Japan, The Gas Review revealed.

  • Air Water plant

    Air Water completes liquid gas plant VSUA in Japan


    According to The Gas Review, Air Water announced on 1st December 2017 it had completed and started to operate a high-efficiency small-scaled gas generator named VSUA for the planned replacement in its Utsunomiya Plant to produce liquefied oxygen (O 2 ), nitrogen (N 2 ) and argon (Ar).

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    Total driving distance in 2016 for tankers


    According to data compiled by the Japan Industrial and Medical Gases Association (JIMGA) for 2016, tanker trucks carrying liquid oxygen (O 2 ), nitrogen (N 2 ), argon (Ar) and carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) travelled a total of 127.61 million km in 2016, The Gas Review revealed.