Ray Borzio

Ray Borzio

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    Specialty gases in the electronics and semiconductor industry


    The roots of our digital lifestyles certainly are semiconductors, which allow for the creation of complex transistor structures. Semiconductors are crystalline or amorphous (non-crystalline) solids with distinct electrical characteristics.

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    Modified Atmosphere Packaging


    We are in the business of manufacturing artificial atmospheres. For want of a simpler explanation, that’s what we do. We start off with a perfectly fine atmosphere that surrounds our Earth and, through our special magic, we separate it into its individual components.

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    Maintain purity


    Let’s face it, over the past 50 years, the laws of chemistry and physics that apply to our industry have not changed. However, there have been many advancements in equipment design and technology that have improved our ability to get the job done right the first time, more consistently and ...

  • medical device mixtures

    Medical device mixtures


    In our 3rd quarter 2016 issue, we visited medical gases from the viewpoint of sales potential by discussing the end-use applications our gases served. In this article, I want to address medical gases, and more specifically medical device mixtures from the manufacturer’s viewpoint.

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    Hydrocarbons: The driving force of western civilization


    Over the years, we have reported on the rapid growth of sales opportunities related to high purity hydrocarbon products. This segment of the specialty gas industry is experiencing one of the greatest booms in oil, gas, and natural gas liquids in US history. In this article we touch on the ...

  • Ray Borzio SGR Q4 2016

    Investing in technology


    “Build it and they will come.” We all remember “Field of Dreams.” Beware the operative word here — dreams. This assumption has no home in the real world of high end specialty gas production technology. Even if “they” do come, they will not come fast enough to satisfy your return ...

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    Specialty Gases Applications: Finding the Target


    Ray Borzio takes a look at sales targeting in a vast world of specialty gas applications: who needs what, when, and why.

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    Gas Opportunities in Welding, Cutting, and Metal Fabrication


    Ray Borzio discusses gas applications related to the welding, cutting, and metal fabrication processes.

  • This panel includes analyzers for ppm analysis of oxygen, moisture, and total hydrocarbons. It is equipped with all valves and regulator stations needed to supply all the calibration gases, purge gases, fuels, and carriers to the instrument panel

    Purification Technology: One Part of the Guarantee


    What really makes specialty gases so special? My favorite definition of a specialty gas is: “Any gas that carries with it a guarantee.” A supplier might want to define it as: “However my customer defines a specialty gas.”

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    Purification technology for the independent distributor


    The decision to install purification technology at the cylinder fill plant, especially for the independent distributor, is difficult at best. The factors involved are quite different as compared to the decision processes of the major industrial gas producer.