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  • Global storage network

    Digitization: Change the B2B customer experience


    Medallia is a software service platform which helps companies to capture feedback everywhere their customers are, understand it in real-time, and deliver insights and action to improve their performance.

  • dustin and david frea

    INFONETICS – Systems provider to the independent distributor


    Grove City, Ohio is headquarters for an information management company with a big mission and profile among independent welding and gas distributors — INFONETICS.

  • Malaysia 2032975 960 720

    Air Liquide inaugurates new remote operation centre


    Air Liquide has inaugurated its Smart Innovative Operations (SIO) Centre for the Southeast Asia Pacific region, located in Malaysia.

  • Evos d ci usage analytics

    42 Technology assists Linde Gases develop IoT technology


    42 Technology, a product development and engineering consultancy, is helping Linde Gases, a division of the Linde Group, to develop the industry’s first complete gas management service.

  • Data concept business

    Cylinder management


    California-based MEMS mass flow sensing products manufacturer Siargo has released a new product line of innovative connected gas usage meters for gas cylinders based on its proprietary microelectromechanical system (MEMS) mass flow sensing technology with wireless connections to the cloud computing platforms of the Internet of Things (IoT).

  • industrial automated robot arm holding car glass in factory

    Industry 4.0 – A new dawn in manufacturing


    Industry 4.0 is a hot topic, but this term – which is more frequently used as a buzzword than to convey any specific topic – is hard to unpack. Usually it is used to convey a somewhat vague and undefined concept of the future of industry, with factories equipped with ...

  • mark ralmy

    10 minutes with...Mark Raimy


    Take 10 minutes out with Mark Raimy, CEO of Welders Supply and the outgoing President of GAWDA.

  • advanceii400 r lr

    Interview: BOC discusses new welding technology


    In early September BOC, a member of The Linde Group, launched eight new welding models that offer the latest in welding technology to fabricators and businesses in Australia and New Zealand as part of a revamp of its welding range. Here gas world exclusively follows up with Fowles and ...

  • harjavalta kosti jylha

    Interview: AGA discusses recent renewal of gas factories


    gas world spoke to AGA’s Account Manager, Kosti Jylhä, to find out more about the reasons behind the project and why moving an entire factory from one location to another is so exceptional.

  • abstract digital tunnel

    Managing disruption in the digital era


    Independent welding and gas distributors in the US have been discussing “disruption” in our industry for some time. In fact, under Bill Visintainer’s leadership in 2016, how to deal with disruption was a major focus for the Gases and Welding Distributor Association (GAWDA).

  • wise telemetry

    Wise Telemetry


    There is a new system for monitoring gas consumption in cylinders, microbulk, and bulk tanks. Founded by Eric Wise, a Pittsburgh, PA, engineer and entrepreneur, Wise Telemetry offers gas producers and distributors an efficient means of monitoring gas levels.

  • air products executive vice president corning f painter

    Tackling the rate of change


    gasworld US interviews Air Products, Executive Vice President Corning F. Painter. By Bob Croce. 

  • Airgas, Andy Cichocki, 2017

    Transitioning into the future at full speed


    One year into the Air Liquide acquisition, gasworld interviews Andy Cichocki, Chief Operating Officer of Airgas.

  • Andrea Rossi, Cavagna Group 2017

    Cavagna Group – A formula for success


    The Cavagna Group’s journey of global development as a major compressed gas equipment producer has accelerated in recent years. With the wind in its sails, that journey has propelled the company towards completing a string of acquisitions and investments, and its voyage is showing no sign of slowing.

  • sharing ideas concept, merger, acquisition

    Interview: Linde and the dawn of the digital era


    “Digitalisation will fundamentally change the way we work.” That’s the message from Julien Brunel, Head of Digitalisation at Linde Engineering Division (LE) and the central concept behind Linde’s activities, like its new virtual reality (VR) application called ‘plant in a box.’

  • ideas concept

    SIAD optimises innovation via study


    SIAD has teamed up with the University of Bergamo in a special collaborative study, specifically aimed at finding ways to enhance the innovation process of industrial companies.

  • alberto bossini

    10 Minutes with...Alberto Bossini


    Take 10 minutes out with Alberto Bossini, General Director of Rotarex Italia, as he discusses the role and range of Rotarex Italia, and his view of the untapped potential in the Italian industrial gases market.

  • sky bitz tank monitoring

    SkyBitz Tank Monitoring


    Prices of industrial gases such as argon, CO2, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and helium have recently risen as much as 20%. With prices at these levels, distributors and users have to maximize their distribution efficiency, and not over service their tanks. But also, they can never let customers run out.

  • Tiger Optics Aloha analyzer, Q4 SGR 2016

    Tiger Optics helps enable The Internet of Things


    The era called The Internet of Things (IoT) began almost eight years ago, according to Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group, which defines it as a period when humans are outnumbered by physical devices connecting to the Internet. Unquestionably, the proliferation of such devices is exponential.

  • cyl connect on tank

    Wake up and smell the telemetry


    Welcome to the age of technology where power and efficiency are fueled by data. Simply put, telemetry is an automated process of collecting important data and transmitting it to a place where it can be monitored and utilized to make better decisions. In our new time of the Internet of ...