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    Regional markets – Global update


    As the 2015 industrial gas year drew to a close, many of the ongoing trends within the industry – and externally – showed no signs of abating. Indeed, midway through 2016 these same dynamics appear to continue; though underlying growth in sales and volumes generally remains relatively strong, the global ...

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    R&D now “essential” to carve out growth


    In recent years, the vast majority of companies in the industrial gases sector have had to re-evaluate where the next wave of growth will come from under the stifling weight of the financial crisis – which has left innovation prospects in Europe looking bleak at best. But as I discovered ...

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    Europe 2016: Growth and innovation as conference closes


    Growth drivers and innovative technologies have been in the spotlight on the final day of gasworld’s Europe Industrial Gas Conference, as the curtain falls on the company’s third event to be held in the continent.

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    Growth drivers and innovation in focus on day two


    Day two of gas world’s Europe Industrial Gas Conference commences in Düsseldorf, Germany this morning, with growth drivers and innovative technologies across Europe in focus.

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    Carving out growth at gasworld’s Europe conference


    Day one of gas world’s Europe Industrial Gas Conference has drawn to a close here in Düsseldorf, Germany, after outlining the main industry drivers in Europe as well as delving into the hot topics across the continent.

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    Eurasia-ADR specialists receive Cryostar training


    From late May to early June 2016, several employees of Eurasia Project Management GmbH (Eurasia-ADR) successfully completed training courtesy of Cryostar SAS.

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    Europe Industrial Gas Conference 2016 gets underway


    gas world’s Europe Industrial Gas Conference is getting underway in Düsseldorf, Germany, discussing and discovering innovative areas in which to generate growth across the region.

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    Preview: gasworld’s Europe Conference on the horizon


    gas world’s Europe Industrial Gas Conference kick starts tomorrow in Düsseldorf, Germany, with more than 180 industry professionals beginning to gather at the prestigious Hilton Hotel for a cutting-edge agenda of discussion and debate.

  • Messer group saftey awards

    Messer receives myriad of safety awards from EIGA


    The world’s largest privately-managed industrial gases company, The Messer Group, has received a myriad of safety awards from the European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA).

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    Largest H2 mobility project launched in Europe


    A second, pan-European hydrogen (H 2 ) infrastructure deployment scheme has just been announced, officially establishing the largest EU funded project for H 2 mobility and fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) deployment.

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    Messer’s 2015 financials indicate 11% sales increase


    The Messer Group has just released its 2015 full year financial results, in which the industrial gas corporation has recorded a double-digit sales increase despite the sluggish economy.

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    CSC leads charge for new EU cylinder standard


    The European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) has unanimously approved a new landmark European Standard for the testing of gas cylinders following industry concerns over safety.

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    Exploring Europe’s industrial gas market


    In the build up to the Europe Industrial Gas Conference 2016, and to coincide with the publication of its updated European industrial gas reports and dashboard series, gasworld Business Intelligence highlights the key trends that have emerged over the past year.

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    Messer completes Hungarian Air Liquide acquisition


    The Hungarian outfit of industrial gas giant, Messer, has officially completed the transaction and gained the relevant approvals to acquire Air Liquide’s business in Hungary.

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    Air Liquide joins Baku refinery overhaul with new H2 unit


    Tier One player, Air Liquide, has signed license, engineering and guarantee agreements with the Heydar Aliyev Oil Refinery to construct a new hydrogen (H 2 ) production unit at the Baku refinery in Azerbaijan.

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    Regional markets: Focus on Eastern Europe and Caucausus


    As our previous reports on the Western Europe and Central Europe markets have elucidated, Europe is a region in the midst of a complex chain of challenges both political and economic.

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    Regional markets: Focus on Central Europe and the Balkan States


    With the date set for Britain’s referendum on whether to stay within the European Union (EU) or withdraw its membership – the so-called ‘Brexit’ – and renewed talk of a ‘Grexit’ as finance ministers further deliberate over Greece’s ongoing debt crisis, Europe finds itself under intense scrutiny again as the ...

  • SMR: Driving down costs in hydrogen production – September 2014

    Hydrogen supply and demand


    Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe whether measured by mass or number of molecules, and is also number one in the industrial gas world based on the number of molecules produced. So, how much hydrogen is produced in the world each year? Such a simple question, unfortunately, ...

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    What is a hydrogen fuel cell?


    Consisting of a single electron orbiting a single proton, hydrogen is the simplest element in the universe – but this simple element can release almost three-times more energy than natural gas. The fact that hydrogen fuel comes with zero carbon emissions (its only by-product is water and heat), has made ...

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    Chart Ferox wins LNG refueling contract in Lithuania


    Five Chart cryogenic storage tanks, each measuring over 50 meters in length and with an external diameter of almost six meters, will provide 5,000 cubic meters of LNG storage at the station, which will be equipped with two loading areas for LNG trucks and jetty modules for ship bunkering.